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The Cook Sisters Collection

After the death of their brother in 1967,

Ida Cook and Louise Cook began visiting different mediums

in the hope of gaining a communication.


Famous for their heroism during World War Two,

the Cook sisters began attending séances with Leslie Flint in 1969.


The séances were so successful,

the sisters continued to visit Flint for the next ten years.


Not only were they able to gain a clear contact from their brother,

their mother Mary and other family members,

they had conversations with some of their war-time friends

and those from the international worlds of opera and literature.


Here are some of those recordings...


Watch a short biographical video on Ida Cook and Louise Cook

On March 11th 1956 Ida Cook was the subject of the British television show This Is Your Life.

Some viewers claimed to have seen the spirit of her friend, Clemens Krauss, on screen during that live broadcast.

A report of this incident, from Two Worlds newspaper, is included at the bottom of this page.

Recorded: March 23rd 1969


Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.



Clemens Krauss, Arthur, Bill Cook.

The Austrian operatic conductor, Clemens Krauss, is first to communicate with his old friends.

After a brief pause, he returns to say he has with him the Austrian stage and film director Max Reinhardt.


The voice of Arthur attempts a communication, then Mickey explains how the sister’s brother Bill is present.

When Bill is able to speak, he greets his sisters and suggests to Louise that she writes a book on spiritual and psychic matters.
They discuss family matters and he tries to remind his sisters of old memories from his youth.


He explains how he is now ‘immersed’ in music, with the help of Clemens Krauss, and is becoming proficient on the piano.
He talks of meeting many great musicians and composers, including Wolfgang Mozart,

and attending concerts in vast auditoriums, where the music is a visual and colourful experience.


He explains how our personal experience of the Afterlife depends on our mental conditioning when we arrive there,

and that each plane of existence contains hundreds of individual worlds, where anything is possible.
He explains how new arrivals can reflect and even analyse themselves
and ultimately accept themselves, without the judgement of others.


Bill mentions visits to lower vibrations, to assist souls who are Earthbound and need help to cross over.

He describes the thick ‘fog’ that surrounds the Earth plane, which is more dense in some places than others,

but clearer where the minds of people can be reached from the spiritual realms.


He ends by assuring his sisters that, with patience, he is confident that the ‘direct spirit voices’ could be attained

in their own home circle, because he has so much more he wants to share with them.

Note: This audio has been enhanced from a poor quality original.

Occasional interference can be heard in the first five minutes.

Recorded: April 23rd 1969

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Clemens Krauss, Rose Champion de Crespigny,

cousin Harry, Oscar Wilde, John Sloan, Mary Cook.

Clemens Krauss, the Austrian operatic conductor and friend of the Cook sisters, tries with difficulty to communicate,

then the artist Rose Champion de Crespigny speaks to the sisters about her involvement in their home circle.


The sister’s cousin Harry communicates briefly and clearly,

then an old school friend named Elsie Middlemass is next to say a few words.


At 10 minutes and 55 seconds, the unmistakeable voice of Oscar Wilde begins speaking quite eloquently,

but with humorous contempt towards the artificial voice-box - and towards the medium!


At 23 minutes 35 seconds the well-known Scottish medium John Sloan gives a little advice regarding the sisters' home circle,

and the sisters' mother, Mary, whispers a few final words at the end of the recording, before Mickey says goodbye.

Note: Some slight interference exists during the quiet pauses on this vintage recording.

Hear Oscar Wilde communicate
during another séance, recorded in August 1962.

Recorded: September 30th 1969

Ida Cook, Louise Cook, Leslie Flint.

Mickey, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Lord Shaftesbury, Mary Cook.