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Leslie Flint

My Life as a Medium

as told to Doreen Montgomery

2020 Revised Edition

“Highly recommended”  Matthew Hutton, Assistant Editor of Psychic World



“Couldn’t put it down... a fascinating read”   Michael Tymn, writer & researcher

A unique biography

Leslie Flint became a famous British spirit medium,
not because he stood on a platform and gave messages from the deceased,
but because countless thousands of spirit communicators
spoke for themselves at his séances.


The spirit voices were independent of Flint, he even spoke with them himself
- and many of the voices were recorded.


Time and again his mediumship was tested by researchers,

and still the voices came to speak their message:

“we are eternal spirits living a physical life and we all survive so-called death.”

By the time Voices in the Dark was first published in 1971

Leslie Flint had been a medium for over 40 years

- and he continued with his séances for a further 20 years.


The evidence from Flint’s séances changed the lives of thousands of people

...and his legacy lives on today in The Leslie Flint Educational Trust.


Read Voices in the Dark and learn how an impoverished youngster from England

rose to become the most unique and respected spirit medium of his age.

Voices in the Dark

by Mr Aubrey Rose C.B.E.

Leslie Flint came into this world in 1911 and left it in 1994. While here, he became the finely tuned instrument transmitting countless thousands of messages from the world he now inhabits.


No intellectual, but a plain speaking man, Leslie was born into poverty and raised amid family disarray. Yet, through dogged determination and single mindedness, he became one of the most celebrated independent direct voice mediums of the twentieth century. Through his remarkable gifts, he brought consolation and hope to the bereaved and understanding and inspiration to the many as well as shedding light on many strange corners of history.


Fortunately, today the public is, in parts, more open and receptive to the reality of the spirit world and more understanding of the crucial link between this world and the next in the endless chain of human life.


With the advent of Mickey, his much loved Cockney alter ego in the world beyond, there began decades of service as a voice medium. Leslie gave sittings to those of every rank and degree, every profession, enabling the bereaved to learn of the great truth of human survival beyond physical death. Leslie's mediumship was also a channel for famous men and women whose spirit communications were on an elevated and inspiring plane, often throwing fascinating new light on the accepted annals of history.


Sceptics attended sittings and they left convinced.


Others tested Leslie's genuineness in every way. Truly, he could comment, 'I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced.' People traveled from all over the world to sit with him. Leslie also demonstrated abroad, particularly in the United States, where he was in great demand.


The final chapter in his life came with his retirement to Brighton, where he enjoyed years of peace and happiness before he passed on, at the age of eighty-three.


Leslie acknowledged he 'had no education to speak of...' yet words of the highest wisdom and most profound knowledge, often in a variety of languages, emerged at sittings. He was an upright, simple man, with little financial ambition or perception, but whose service to mankind was of inestimable worth. I have read many letters written to him from all over the world, expressing not only gratitude and friendship, but also love and affection.


In the sixteen years I knew him, from 1978 until his death, as a friend and professional adviser, I was struck by his simplicity of soul, his sheer innocence of material matters, and his honesty and integrity in his chosen career.


As much of the world sinks into a morass of materialism, commercialism and tribalism, it is now more important than ever that mankind learns to appreciate the spirit world's reality, of survival of the soul, of the vital importance of good deeds and good thoughts to prepare the way ahead, and that, whatever our colour or creed, we are all spiritual beings expressed in physical terms.


Leslie Flint displayed a rare dedication to his calling as a significant avenue linking two worlds. We salute him as one of the outstanding mediums and dedicated servants of the twentieth century.

Aubrey Rose C.B.E.




Member of Law Society's Committee on Human Rights

Member of the Council of Christians & Jews

Director of Two Worlds Publishing

Trustee of the Leslie Flint Educational Trust

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