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Introductory recordings by Leslie Flint, Betty Greene and Larry Taylor.

Leslie Flint speaks about his mediumship,

scientific testing and his early experiences.

Betty Greene and George Woods recorded hundreds of

spirit communications with Leslie Flint, over 20 years.


Betty Greene's introduction to the recordings.

Interview with original Founding Director

of the Leslie Flint Educational Trust,

Reverend Larry Taylor...


Read the full transcript of this interview as you listen...

Leslie talks about the life and career Rudolph Valentino,

in this interview with TV host and presenter Mary Jones

- recorded in Dallas in the 1980s

Go to the Leslie Flint Trust Youtube channel

A selection of séance recordings from our YouTube channel
- created for The Trust by Jack Terrence Andrews -

Wisdom from Mickey

"When you do an injury to someone else, you are injuring yourself.

You are often injuring yourself more than the other person..."

Douglas Conacher

"We mustn't think we suddenly become highly spiritualized beings,

simply because we cease to exists in a physical world"

Dr Charles Marshall

"The spirit cannot be confined to one body in one manifestation,

it is flowing through many bodies at different times."

Jenny Wilson

"I died in childbirth with my first child.

I was out in the fields..."

Rudolph Valentino

"So many people are afraid to speak of this subject, afraid to think about death.

It should not be something to fear..."


A soldier from the time of Cromwell

shares his views of the futility of war...


"When you can nurture those less fortunate than yourselves...then you will begin to open up the power."

Bobby Tracy

"I've seen all sorts of things I have"

Brother Boniface

"What is God?

This is a question that has been asked so often by so many many people."

Lucius Lucillus

"Small traces of Atlantis and Lemurian cultures still exist both on earthly land
and in the oceans..."

Oscar Wilde

"My name caused me a lot of trouble" 

Dr Gustav Geley

"It is the love that we pour into your world with the hope that it will uplift it..."

Ralph Thomas

An 18th century English architect still designs architecture in the Afterlife...

Frédéric Chopin


is the creative thing behind all life."

Mr Johnson

"There is a greater understanding and a greater feeling for the animal kingdom..."

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