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The Leslie Flint Educational Trust
was founded in 1997 by

“Leslie Flint displayed a rare dedication to his calling

as a significant avenue linking two worlds.


We salute him as one of the outstanding mediums

and dedicated servants of the twentieth century.”

                                                                          Aubrey Rose CBE - 2000

About the Trust...

“The Leslie Flint Educational Trust was created to preserve, record, authenticate

and promote the work of the Independent Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint.


The Trust has Directors in both the UK and the USA and is a non-profit organisation.

The Trust owns the rights to all of Leslie Flint's material, both text and audio.

All income from sales of Leslie Flint's book are reinvested to help share more material.


The Trust has shared a selection of recorded sittings from various spirit communicators,

including; Frédéric Chopin, Maurice Chevalier, Mahatma Gandhi,

Rudolph Valentino and Sir Winston Churchill.

All the communicators have something different to say

and provide fascinating glimpses into life both here and in the afterlife...


Leslie Flint's autobiography 'Voices in the Dark' was first published in 1971

and details of the latest edition can be found on this website.


In spite of claims to the contrary, Leslie Flint never took a student
or trained anyone to be a medium.

He did have people as members of his own home circle

and they personally know the part they played in his life,

but they do not want or seek any recognition.”



                                                                                   Gwen V. Vaughan - 1997

Interview with Flint Trust Director Larry Taylor

The Flint Trust today...

The current Trust has two Directors:

Corin Johnson

(pictured left with original founder Larry Taylor),

K.Jackson-Barnes (below),
who maintain Leslie's archive and online presence.
Richard Herried (USA) remains as advisor.


To make an appointment with Corin Johnson

to visit Leslie Flint's library and archive

in London, please get in touch by email:


or via the Trust:


Past Directors of the Leslie Flint Educational Trust...
international mediums Colin Fry (left) from 2001-2004 and Gordon Smith (right) from 2004-2010

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