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Leslie Flint

My Life as a Medium

as told to Doreen Montgomery

Leslie Flint became a famous British spirit medium, not because he stood on a platform and gave messages from the deceased, but because countless thousands of spirit communicators spoke for themselves at his séances.

The spirit voices were independent of Flint, he even spoke with them himself - and many of the voices were recorded.

Time and again his mediumship was tested by researchers and still the voices came to speak their message: that we are eternal spirits in a physical life and we all survive so-called death.


By the time Voices in the Dark was first published in 1971 Leslie Flint had been a medium for over thirty-five years and he continued for a further twenty years.

The evidence from Flint’s séances changed the lives of thousands and his legacy lives on today in The Leslie Flint Educational Trust.


Read Voices in the Dark and learn how an impoverished youngster from England rose to become the most unique and respected spirit medium of his age...

Books about Leslie Flint's mediumship...


'Life After Death'

by Neville Randall

Journalist Neville Randall sifted through hundreds of conversations of people from the Spirit World, recorded by Betty Greene and George Woods through the Mediumship of Leslie Flint, in order to compile this amazing dossier of life as it is lived in the 'Next World'...


What is it like to die? And what happens afterwards? Where do we go? What do we wear, eat, drink? Do we work or have fun? Do our favourite pets survive too?

Through Leslie Flint's mediumship, some of the famous and not so famous people who have supplied answers to these eternal questions include; Dame Ellen Terry, Oscar Wilde, Rupert Brooke and Mahatma Gandhi. Their words help to replace the fear of death with new knowledge of the Afterlife.

Randall's book 'Life After Death' gives us a clear description of life beyond the grave - it is perhaps the most reassuring and revealing book about the other side yet written...

'There is Life After Death

Tape Recordings from the Other World'

by Douglas and Eira Conacher

As a religious man, publisher Douglas Conacher held very definite views about death and the shape of the world to come. They reflected the unswerving ideas which the Christian Church has taught down the ages.


Douglas Conacher is now living the 'life after death' and, in this book, he clearly and straightforwardly describes it...


This is a story of vital importance to every man, woman and child and it is a truth which wipes out all fear.


Through the Mediumship of Leslie Flint, Douglas Conacher speaks to us from the next world and he shares amazing facts about this future life, one that awaits us all...


Available Online

ISBN: 978-0703001313


Available Online

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'The Voice of Valentino'

by Lynn Russell

Lynn Russell initially visited Leslie Flint for private sittings. At the time, she did not know much about the famous film star, Rudolph Valentino...


It was only gradually, through Flint's mediumship and other channels of communication, that the soul of the real man, rather than the Hollywood star, was revealed.


'The Voice of Valentino' opens a unique window into the mechanics of Leslie Flint's Mediumship, but also gives us the authors recollections of the life, afterlife and influence of Rudolph Valentino - together with the wisdom and honesty he now possesses.


In his own words, Valentino states; “Perhaps anyone in the position I found myself, rocketed suddenly from obscurity to fame, would have found it very difficult not to have acted as I did...”

'Chapters of Experience'

by Douglas Conacher

Douglas Conacher was a deeply religious man and a successful London publisher, but he came to understand the truth of spirituality and reincarnation, through his experiences in the Afterlife.


In this book, are transcripts of those conversations, where he shares his interest in this truth and all he has learned in the next world. He gives accounts of his previous lives on Earth and a wealth of information on life in the Spirit World - ranging from living conditions, thought communication, the creative arts and how we progress after death.


Unusual because of it's authorship, 'Chapters of Experience' remains valuable for it's message of enlightenment, yet it puts us in touch with our own immortality...


Available Online

ISBN: 978-0584100686


Available Online

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'A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds'

by Gwen Vaughan

Written by Gwen Vaughan over a ten year period,

'A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds' is comprised of transcripts from many sittings with Leslie Flint.


Rudolph Valentino communicated personally with Gwen and he shared with her many stories, opinions and details about his life and experiences - both before and after his death.


Much of the evidence he brought through has never before been published and it is to the credit of Gwen Vaughan, that transcripts of some of these séances are included here.



Besides the biographical details of Valentino's life, which Gwen records here, the séance transcripts alone are worth the read...

Books which refer to Leslie Flint's mediumship....

'Love After Death'

by Victoria Stevenson

Victoria Stevenson was grief-stricken after the sudden death of her husband, Bob.Yet her pain was turned to joy, when they were initially reunited through Victoria's own automatic writing.


Then, during a dramatic sitting with the medium David Young, Bob's own voice was recorded on tape, and he was telling his wife 'I love you...'


This first physical evidence of Bob's survival inspired Victoria to continue her search - and this led her to London and an important meeting with Leslie Flint...


Available Online

ISBN: 978-0552118606


Available Online

ISBN: 978-1908421050

'A Journey of Psychic Discovery'

by Alan E. Crossley

Veteran researcher and investigator Alan Crossley's book, which covers his 50-year investigation into Spiritualism and psychic phenomena, includes a summary of an early public demonstration by Leslie Flint.


In 1948 Crossley was present at the Kingsway Hall, London, where Flint was demonstrating his mediumship to a packed house. Proceedings took a dramatic turn, when a male spirit voice quietly tried to speak to the crowd.


It was recognised by his sister, who was seated high up in the gallery.

The voice was that of her brother, Police Constable Nathaniel Edgar, who had tragically been murdered the night before...

'Life Unlimited'

by Allan Barham

Subtitled 'The Persistence of Personality Beyond Death', Allan Barham shares evidence of psychic phenomena, gathered from 25 years of study. His book discusses; the attitude of the Christian church towards such evidence, the phenomenon of Spirit 'rescue circles', the accuracy of automatic writing and the source of Spirit healing.


Barham also details his observations of 'Direct Voice' Mediumship - including the work of Leslie Flint. A true researcher, Barham takes a Flint recording of one Spirit speaker, to the living friends of the deceased, in an attempt to find proof of it's validity...


Available Online

ISBN: 978-0856060557


Available Online

ISBN: 978-1980916666

'Heaven Can Help'

by Brian Edward Hurst

Subtitled 'The Autobiography of a Medium', Brian Hurst's recently updated book takes us through his early years as he discovers his mediumship.


Along the way, he witnesses psychic surgery first-hand, and his friendships with famous mediums, including Leslie Flint, led to his attending many outstanding séances.



After moving to California, the author was eventually able to share his knowledge and his own mediumship on television and in 1997 he supported the Scole Group from England, as they demonstrated their unique phenomena séances in America.

'In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship'

by Robin P Foy

Together with two Trance Mediums, Sandra and Robin Foy began a series of groundbreaking experiments into the phenomena of Physical Mediumship, from their home village of Scole in Norfolk, England.


These regular experiments in recorded Spirit Communication and the Spiritual manipulation of the physical world, became legendary amongst visiting scientists and others, for their unique and sometimes incredible results.


The author also relates his meetings with established Mediums, including Leslie Flint, where important advice was given, which led to the formation of the Scole Group.


Available Online

ISBN: 978-1857566628


Available Online

ISBN: 978-1731568168

'Escape From Hell'

by James McQuitty

We often hear about the beautiful conditions in the Afterlife, through spirit

communications from mediums all over the world - but is this the immediate destination for everyone, no matter how they live their lives?


This is the story of Antonio, a spirit communicator who teaches that people who live corrupt or selfish lives on Earth, find they create nothing but miserable circumstances for themselves when they quit the body.


However, Antonio explains that progress towards brighter regions of the Spirit World is possible through inspiration and love for something outside of ourselves.


Contains references to many Leslie Flint séance communications.

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