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Psychic News - November 15th 1986


Bournemouth Times - Thursday, December 23rd 1976


Psychic News - August 3rd 1940


Psychic News - May 31st 1941


After Dr Charles Marshall died in 1940,
his wife Blanche attended Leslie Flint séances to speak with her husband.

Once his wife had joined him in the Spirit World,
Dr Marshall continued as one of Leslie Flint's regular communicators, 
until Flint's own death in 1994.

Dr Marshall often gave advice on health issues, but he also discussed philosophy and spiritual matters.

The article below refers to the first two Flint séances
that Mrs Marshall ever attended.


Psychic News - February 19th 1938


Psychic News - May 3rd 1941


Psychic News - Saturday, June 5th 1943


Psychic News - Saturday, September 27th

Colour photo of Shell Grotto copyright Kotomi Yamamura - used with permission.

Psychic News - Saturday, 
April 18th 1970


Psychic News - Saturday, October 18th 1997


The Reading Evening Post -

Monday, May 17th, 1971


aces weekly magazine - Saturday, February 25th, 1978


Psychic News - Saturday, March 28th 1970

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