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Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928)

Pictured during an arrest in the early 20th century

The Mrs Pankhurst séance

Recorded: February 5th 1968

"If it were left to the women,

there would not be wars"

In this short excerpt from a 1968 séance,
we hear the spirit voice of Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst,

Mrs Pankhurst - leader of the suffragette movement - 

discusses her struggle to bring women the right to vote

and talks about souls who reside on lower planes of existence
who get caught up in repressed and backward thinking. 

Emmeline's daughter Sylvia Pankhurst
can also be heard speaking briefly on another recording here.


Note: During this recording, a television programme is mentioned.
This is most likely the BBC show 'Votes For Women' - broadcast a few days earlier - on February 1st 1968.

The show contained the recollections of women who were important during the Suffragette movement, 
Charlotte Drake, Lilian Lenton, Mary Philips and Grace Roe, who knew Mrs. Pankhurst.


A full transcript for this recording will be added soon.