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The Reverend Charles Drayton Thomas (1867-1953)

Another photo of Rev. Thomas can be found here.

The Charles Drayton Thomas séance

Recorded: June 29th 1970

“You cannot escape from yourself...”

Charles Drayton Thomas was a great champion of psychical research during his lifetime. He recorded many hours of trance sittings,
hosted public demonstrations of mediumship
 and he introduced George Woods to Leslie Flint.

In this recording Thomas returns to communicate with his friends.  
He refers to the séance recordings of George Woods
then talks of spiritual laws, cause and effect, the power of thought,
disease, nature and the power of the spirit.

Thomas then goes into detail about his current work in helping to inspire souls who reside in lower spheres, close to the Earth.

Finally, he is asked about the UK medium Gladys Osborne Leonard,
who he knew and worked with for many years.

In the first two minutes we hear the voice of Sylvia Pankhurst,
who's mother communicated in 1968,
Thomas soon steps in to speak clearly and distinctly
throughout the rest of this fascinating séance.

Note: This original recording is pieced together
and enhanced from various portions of vintage tapes.
The first two minutes are the least clear of the entire audio.


A full transcript for this recording will be added soon.