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Dr Charles Frederick Marshall
(February 13th 1864 - May 22nd 1940)

Dr C
harles Marshall séance

Recorded: Thursday March 13th 1958

During his lifetime, Dr Charles Marshall was an accomplished
dermatologist and cancer specialist. 

After his death in 1940,
his wife Blanche attended Flint séances
to communicate with him directly.

Dr Marshall went on to became a regular communicator
at Flint séances for almost 50 years.

He speaks here with Rose Creet
on the subject of direct voice and trance mediumship
and explains how some communicators 
can present themselves as personalities from their own past.

He refers in particular to Frédéric Chopin,
who, Marshall says, was once Akhenaten of Egypt...


Note: Although this recording is over 60 years old and is very clear
the mechanical sound of the original recording equipment can still be heard.


This recording was digitised from the original master tape by Jack Terrence Andrews on June 4th 2008

A full transcript for this recording will be added soon