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Group Sittings

Many of Leslie Flint's séances were often attended by groups of friends
who were interested in the subject of spirit communication.

As with many of these group sittings, when conditions were favourable,
wonderful reunions were possible between sitters and their loved ones
and helpers in the Spirit World. 

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Recorded: August 18th 1973


Mrs Dorothy Howell and her husband Frank Howell

Image kindly shared by one of the sitters: J.Thornton

In this clear vintage recording, 

we hear Mickey help many different spirit people communicate

 - including a wife, a husband, a mother and a daughter -

who all come to speak to their loved ones at this séance,

which was also attended by London medium Keith Hudson.

Sitters include:

Keith Hudson, German lady, Anna, Dorothy Howell, Julia Howell,

Ms Grundy, ‘Mrs Ricci’, Leslie Flint.

Communicators include:

Mickey, Sid Howlett, Mr Rickard, Frank Howell, Diana Howell, William Grundy, Florence Grundy, 

Bertie Seymour, Maurice, Arthur, Hamish Ferguson.

Mickey speaks to Keith Hudson, then to a lady sitter from Germany who speaks no English. 

A whispering voice tries to speak, then Leslie and Mickey exchange some amusing banter.

Sid tries to speak to his wife Anna and with Mickey’s help his voice grows stronger. 

Mickey gives evidence of an unusual nickname, he helps another sitter with some medical advice, 

then he shares some additional evidence of spirit loved ones.

Mr Rickard tries to speak, then Dorothy’s husband and daughter both communicate from the spirit world. 

A female voice calls out and Mickey tries to help, 

then he gives advice and further evidence to Dorothy and her daughter.

A sitter’s mother tries to communicate and, after some confusion and a long pause, 

William and Florence Grundy communicate with Ms Grundy.

Various spirit voices try to communicate, including Bertie Seymour, Maurice and Arthur.

Then Hamish Ferguson gives advice to Keith, 

they talk about the medium Jessie Nason, then Keith’s Aunt Nell tries to speak.

At the end, Mickey apologises because not every communicator was able to get through.


This recording was gratefully received by the Trust from Vic Scott.

Vic’s own séance recordings can be found here.


Recorded: January 16th 1974

“This is one of the most laboured sittings I can ever remember.”         
                                                                                              - Leslie Flint

This was a difficult sitting for Mickey to manage. 
A bereaved father in the group wants only to hear from his son in the spirit world.

Present: Doris Dines, Mr Higerty, George, Bill Meadows and other unnamed sitters.

Communicators: Mickey, George's son.

The séance begins with sitters commenting that Mickey seems to have gone.
When he returns, he speaks to a sitter named George about a suicide victim and gives other evidence,
but George wants only to hear from one spirit communicator.

Eventually Mickey asks George about a 'young man' who died accidentally.
He gives personal details and says he is a
'nice little chap'.
He talks about the youngster's death and a whispering voice calls out.

Mickey seems unable to get any other communicators through, and the power begins to fade...
He returns and says, ‘that man’s son was not murdered.’

Leslie Flint tells Mickey he should talk to other sitters.
Mickey is able to give a little information, but again he returns to speak to George.

Mickey tells him his son is growing up in the spirit world...and says the doctor was not to blame for the boy's death. 
He tries to advise him about not holding onto bitterness and gives additional evidence
 - including a photograph and a lock of hair in an envelope.

There are long silences during this difficult sitting, but a faint spirit voice is heard calling out ‘Daddy’...


This recording was gratefully received by the Trust from Bill Meadows

Recorded: Wednesday, June 5th 1974



Mickey, Billie, Ida’s father, Blossom, Zambo, Floss, Annie Brittain, 
Ernest Oaten, Helen Duncan, Dr Maurice du Bois, Lil, Keith.

Sitters include:

Ida, Mr Higerty, Mr Ball, Doris Dines and Bill Meadows.

In this unique recording the sitters hear from various family members, spirit guides and friends: including the famous Scottish medium Helen Duncan. [Pictured left]

Highlights from this recording include:

* A Scottish sitter who hears from her father...
* Another sitter is offered help with his healing work by Dr Maurice du Bois...
* Mr Ball hears from his old friends; the medium Annie Brittain, 
SNU President Ernest Oaten and the Scottish medium Helen Duncan: who communicates loudly and mentions her own guides Albert and Peggy...
*and finally, Mickey advises a young Bill Meadows, 
the well-known British physical medium,
who was given permission by Leslie Flint to record the séance.

This recording was gratefully received by the Trust from Bill Meadows


Recorded: November 1953

This is the second ever recording made by Leslie Flint's own regular 
Thursday séance group. 

In this full length séance audio we hear various communicators,

a child who aspires to be like Mickey, 
the British actress Gertrude Lawrence, 
American producer Florenz Ziegfeld
and Rose Creet has a communication from her own brother...
- while Madame Blavatsky manages the evening from behind the scenes.


Recorded: Tuesday, September 11th 1973

This previously unreleased recording, from 1973, is a perfect example of the type of communication
that is possible
through the Independent Direct Voice of someone who lives in the Spirit World.

Throughout this 44 minute audio we hear some very private reunions between a husband and wife,
a father and son - and a daughter, who speaks with her mother and her husband, both of whom are in the Spirit World...

This recording was kindly donated to the Leslie Flint Educational Trust by Mike Rogers.


Leslie Flint's friend George Woods
communicates for the first time
since his death, in this recording.


Recorded: Thursday, September 12th 1985

In this short recording, Mickey explains that he does not have to bring the spirits to speak, since they are already around.

Then Leslie Flint’s old friend George Woods speaks - for the first time
since his death two years earlier.

George asks about the recordings he made with Betty Greene, 

then speaks to Flint directly and mentions their mutual friend Jim Ellis.

Marie Theresa briefly addresses the sitters and gives advice for their spiritual work, 
then Mickey returns and is asked about the regular Flint sitter Daisy Judge and her guide Brother John.

Then Brother John speaks for himself through the rest of the recording
and gives encouraging advice to those present.


Note: the sounds of traffic and construction work from the street outside can also be heard on the recording.

Recorded: Monday, February 5th 1990

During this group sitting we hear the Spirit voices of
Maurice Chevalier, White Feather, Florence Marryat, Winston Churchill and Mickey.

The sitters from the Noah's Ark Society: Stuart Hellen, Lisa, Jacquie Turner, Michelle Hackett,
Robin Foy, Sandra Foy and Mark Stanley, all receive help and advice -
and one of the group speaks briefly with her grandmother from the Spirit World...


This recording was kindly donated to the Leslie Flint Educational Trust by Shelley Ross.

Recorded: Tuesday, April 24th 1990

Communicators: Mickey, Dr Marshall, Bill, Estrella, Harry, Maurice.
Sitters: Burt Billinghurst, Eva Dittmann, Ted Booker, Sally, Diane, Alan and Annie.

The subjects discussed in this audio include reincarnation, animals and Jesus.

Mickey is heard speaking directly to Flint the medium and to sitter Burt Billinghurst,
then Dr Marshall comes through to give some fascinating personal advice to Eva Dittmann.
Sally hears from her husband in the Spirit World and Mickey returns to give advice.

Diane hears from her Spirit guide,
Ted talks with Mickey, Annie speaks with her grandfather in the Spirit World
and a non-English speaking communicator makes himself known...


This recording is just one of many occasions when the Burt Billinghurst group visited Leslie Flint.

Additional group séance recordings will be added gradually. . .