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The Vic Scott Collection

Vic Scott first wrote to Leslie Flint in 1985.
He had wanted to attend a ‘direct voice’ séance
since reading Leslie's book, Voices in the Dark, in 1972.

When he learned that a friend at Doncaster Spiritualist Church

was taking a group to see Leslie in London,

Vic was given the chance to join them.

That first séance was a great success, but at a later sitting

nothing happened at all, so Leslie invited the group back.

Vic recorded the séances, where he met other sitters visiting

from London, Ireland and even Canada, and his tapes

became precious memories of an amazing period of his life.

Note: Vic's first two recordings were made at Leslie's home in Westbourne Terrace, London.

At this time Leslie was considering leaving the city, subsequently, Vic's next three séances

were recorded, after Leslie's move, at his new home on the south coast.

In 2019 Vic shared his séance recordings with the Leslie Flint Trust and they are presented here for the first time.


The recordings contain spirit communications from famous people, friends, family and spirit helpers,

and they bring love, laughter and evidence of survival.

They also reveal - that with the right conditions - how natural spirit communication can be.

Recorded: September 7th 1987


at 140 Westbourne Terrace, London.


Those present include:

Tony Jenkins, Eva, Flo, Paul, Bill, Vic Scott, Leslie Flint.

Communicators include:

Mickey, Jack, Florrie, George, Marie Theresa, Takuna, George Vale Owen.

At this séance Mickey greets the mixed group of sitters,
who are from northern England and north London.

He advises Eva's group, from Mexborough Spiritualist Church, about their development circle,

then various spirit communicators attempt to speak and Mickey tries to help them.

The voice of Marie Theresa relays a message to Eva from her friend Winifred,

then the voice of Takuna advises the group about their séance phenomena.


Mickey asks Eva if she knows of George Vale Owen, the famous Spiritualist author and clergyman,

then Vale Owen begins to communicate for himself. He mentions two of his books;

‘The Highlands of Heaven’ and ‘The Lowlands of Heaven’,

and he gives some passionate advice to the group about their spiritual work.


Speaking to Bill, Mickey describes the spirit of a dog,

then the voice of a Catholic priest named Brother Absalom speaks to Tony.

Mickey talks about Leslie and the quality of some mediums,

then he talks to Vic and to Paul about the importance of sharing inspiration
and furthering spiritual development.


A male voice tries to speak before the power fades and the séance ends.

Note: Although this recording has been enhanced for clarity, some original interference remains.

Recorded: October 1st 1987


at 140 Westbourne Terrace, London.


Those present include:

Marie, Tony Jenkins, Mary, Kathy, Paul, Vic Scott, Leslie Flint.


Communicators include:

Mickey, Takahuna, Edie, Arthur, Ellen Terry, Maurice.

This séance has a mixed group of sitters from Canada and northern England.

They wait patiently for Mickey to speak, then he gets louder and louder!


He speaks to Marie, then tries to give advice and support to Mary.

He tells Tony that his development is on hold while he is caring for his mother,

then he makes the sitters laugh out loud with his jokes and observations about spirit life.


The non-English voice of Takahuna is heard, who Mickey says is helping Paul.

Mickey gives Paul some advice about a work situation,

then other spirit communicators try to get through and Leslie thinks he recognises one of them.


After a pause, the voice of Ellen Terry speaks to the sitters about
spirit communication, the power of sitting together as a group,
and says the sitters are “like little candles burning in the darkness”.


Mickey jokes with the sitters, then he recommends that we should all
guard against mischievous spirits - especially those who use a ouija board.

Then he tells the sitters they have provided more power than Leslie for this particular séance.


Finally, the sitters hear from French communicator Maurice,
who shares his friendship and support to the group,

until Mickey returns to say goodbye.

Note: Although this recording has been enhanced for clarity, some original interference remains.

Recorded: August 4th 1988

at 5 Princes Crescent, Hove, East Sussex.


Those present include:

Vic Scott, Barbara, Graham, Keith Hudson, Jean, Paul, Leslie Flint.


Communicators include:

Dave, Mickey, Floss, Jack, Edith, Arthur Findlay, White Hawk, Ellen Terry, Robert,

Violet, Marie Theresa, Dr. John Lamond, Topsy, Jessie Nason, Maurice.