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Mickey communicates

1934 - 1987

Mickey was Leslie Flint's constant spirit companion

for over 60 years of séances.


He was there to assist other spirit communicators,

raise the vibrations if required,

and share his knowledge of life in the Spirit World.


He can be heard on many of the Flint séance recordings

in his role as 'master of ceremonies' during each sitting.


Here are a selection of recordings
with Mickey as the main communicator.

Mickey: séance extract

Recorded: April 28th 1934

Recorded in London onto a 78rpm bakelite record,

this rare audio contains the voice of Flint's young Spirit helper Mickey,

who by this point had only been working with him for a short time.


The first speaker in this short extract is the spirit voice of a wife talking to her husband, then Mickey speaks, in an early high-pitched version of his well-known voice.


We then hear the unsuccessful attempt to communicate by an unknown Spirit, who is replaced by an early regular communicator named Jim,

followed by the brief appearance of a spirit child named Jinny.

Mickey: séance extract

Recorded: 1954

In this clear séance extract from 1954,

we hear Mickey speak with wisdom and humour

to Rose Creet and the others

- while Leslie Flint's dog can be heard in the background. 

Private sitting

Recorded: October 27th 1965

Anna, an unnamed friend, Leslie Flint.

Mickey, spirit child, uncle Edward, Anna’s father Harold,


After hearing personal advice and support from Mickey,

a sitter's spirit daughter communicates for the first time.

She explains that she is no longer a baby, but has become an adult in the spirit world.


The sitter takes a few minutes to recognise that the next spirit voice is her great uncle Edward.


Mickey gives evidence of a family doctor named Charles Hunt,

then he confuses evidence of a spirit aunt with the wrong sitter.


Anna’s father Harold communicates clearly and asks about her brother, who used to attend the seances.

They discuss her elderly mother, who knows about survival, but is still afraid of dying,


Sister Marie Theresa speaks briefly to the sitters before all the power is used up.


Talking with the sitters afterwards, Leslie recalls his embarrassment
during a sitting with Dr Leslie Weatherhead;
where Mickey once addressed a group of clergymen on the subject of religion...

Leslie's home circle

Recorded: September 7th 1972

“...hundreds of people from our side come down to Earth...”

In this very informal séance recording of Leslie's private circle,

Mickey tries to answer questions from the sitters on many subjects.


Doreen asks Mickey about the young healer Linda Martel;

the spiritual child with the gift for healing the sick

and who the Church had planned to canonize.


Leslie shares some unexpected clairvoyance,

and Dr Marshall makes a very brief appearance...

Leslie's home circle
Recorded: September 14th 1972

“The whole world is in chaos”

In this powerful recording Mickey talks to the sitters

about the problems and responsibilities of cause & effect.

Referring to the 1972 Olympic games in Munich,

where a number of athletes lost their lives,

he explains how spirit helpers assist those who suffer during great tragedies.

Mickey also discusses selfishness

and our attitude towards nature and the animal kingdom...

Mickey communicates

Recorded: December 8th 1973

“You are a medium, a natural medium...’’

Mickey is welcomed by everyone in this group sitting from 1973

and he greets everyone in his usual amusing way.


Then, after giving advice to one sitter on how to unfold her psychic potential,

he begins an in-depth explanation on how we can expand our awareness,

increase our individual development, and tap into universal knowledge.


He also refers to intelligences beyond our world

and how we are being helped by those from other worlds

who have been in existence for billions of years...

Mickey communicates

Recorded: April 26th 1982

“There’s more to our work

than producing personal messages…”

Mickey explains that he has two groups of souls who wish to communicate

and he describes the technical difficulties he faces in trying to blend the two separate groups...


One group are the family, friends and loved ones of the sitters -

the other is a group of souls who have been in spirit for thousands of years...


He explains that he wants to help everybody,

but can only do so with absolute co-operation from all sides…

Mickey communicates

Recorded: October 14th 1987

“We're not conjured up imaginary things...

we're real people.”

Mickey addresses common misunderstandings about life in the Spirit World

and how people should not be frightened of dying.


He gives excellent evidence to one sitter of his wife in the Spirit World

and talks about old friends, including Hannen Swaffer and Michael Fearon.

He recalls incidents from his own lifetime, including visits to the 'Old Bedford' theatre

and describes his connection to the medium and mentions Flint's plan to live near the sea...

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