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Michael Rodney Fearon

The Michael Fearon Séances

"In 1946 George Woods booked his second sitting with Leslie Flint.
A voice came through claiming to be a man called Michael Fearon,
who said he had been a biology master at Taunton School just before the war.
He said he was killed in Normandy in 1944, two weeks after D-Day. This was easy to check.
Woods even tracked down Fearon's mother and took her with him to see Flint.
The same voice came through again and Mrs Fearon agreed that it was indeed her son..."

Edited extract taken from the book 'Life After Death' by Neville Randall

Michael Rodney Fearon was an officer in the British Army

He died on June 24th 1944 aged twenty-seven.

His mother, Mrs Alice Fearon, visited Leslie Flint 
many times 
at regular Friday intervalswhere the two were reunited
 and were able to discuss personal and philosophical matters.

Although Michael communicated many times,
only a few of the original recordings remain.