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Rudolph Valentino communicates

Recordings 1-24

These séance communications from Rudolph Valentino

were recorded between 1962 and 1970.


Leslie Flint was such a fan of the Hollywood icon, who died in 1926,

that he created the Rudolph Valentino Memorial Guild

and kept the largest collection of Valentino memorabilia in the UK.


Flint is known to have rescued the only film reel in existence

of Valentino's original 1922 costume drama 'The Young Rajah'

- which has recently been restored.


Present during the following recordings were

Leslie Flint and Gwen Vaughan.


*Rose Creet sits in for Gwen Vaughan during Communication 9.

Short introduction by Gwen Vaughan.

“At the request of Rudolph Valentino, a series of Direct Voice séances were started in 1962.


These séances have enabled him to provide the following philosophy, comments upon items of topical interest at the time of the séance, and other matters which will benefit mankind in his search for wisdom, peace and happiness.


The sincere wish of Rudolph Valentino is to give the listener a better understanding of the purpose of life. From that realisation, man will gain strength to overcome the many vicissitudes and tribulations which beset him.


Personal references to people have been avoided except in exceptional circumstances, where to do so would distort the context of the subject discussed.”

Communication 1

Recorded: August 23rd 1962

Communication 2

Recorded: September 29th 1962

Communication 3


Recorded: November 23rd 1962

Communication 4

Recorded: December 1st 1962

Communication 5

Recorded: December 15th 1962

Communication 6

Recorded: December 21st 1962

Communication 7

Recorded: February 2nd 1963

Communication 8

Recorded: March 2nd 1963

Communication 9

Recorded: April 10th 1963

Communication 10

Recorded: May 4th 1963

Communication 11

Recorded: May 5th 1963

Communication 12

Recorded: June 8th 1963

Communication 13

Recorded: June 9th 1963

Communication 14

Recorded: October 5th 1963

Communication 15

Recorded: December 7th 1963

Communication 16

Recorded: January 4th 1964

Communication 17

Recorded: February 15th 1964

Communication 18

Recorded: April 4th 1964

Communication 19

Recorded: May 2nd 1964

Communication 20

Recorded: June 6th 1964

Communication 21

Recorded: August 18th 1964

Communication 22

Recorded: September 12th 1964

Communication 23

Recorded: November 8th 1964

Communication 24

Recorded: December 16th 1964

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