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Promoting the Legacy and Archive of the British Independent Direct Voice Medium Leslie Walter Flint

The Rudolph Valentino séances

Recordings 25-40

These séance recordings with Rudolph Valentino were made 
between 1965 and 1970.  

Leslie Flint was such a fan of the Hollywood icon, who died in 1926, 
that he created the Rudolph Valentino Memorial Guild 
and kept the largest collection of Valentino memorabilia in the UK. 

Flint is known to have rescued the only film reel in existence 
of Valentino's original 1922 costume drama 'The Young Rajah' 
- which has recently been restored.

Present during the following recordings were 
Leslie Flint and Gwen Vaughan.

Flint's spirit helper Mickey speaks on most of the recordings initially, until 'Rudy' speaks for himself...


Communication 25

Recorded: August 23rd 1965


Communication 26

Recorded: September 4th 1965


Communication 27

Recorded: January 8th 1966


Communication 28

Recorded: January 22nd 1966


Communication 29

Recorded: March 6th 1966


Communication 30

Recorded: July 30th 1966


Communication 31

Recorded: October 1st 1966


Communication 32

Recorded: February 14th 1967


Communication 33

Recorded: June 3rd 1967


Communication 34

Recorded: July 1st 1967


Communication 35

Recorded: May 18th 1968


Communication 36

Recorded: July 12th 1968


Communication 37

Recorded: September 14th 1968


Communication 38

Recorded: November 13th 1968


Communication 39

Recorded: June 14th 1969

Gwen Vaughan's mother speaks in a whisper initially, 
followed by Valentino.


Communication 40

Recorded: April 4th 1970

Dr Charles Marshall communicates, to inform Flint and Vaughan
that Valentino is unable to speak on this occasion

- in what is possibly the shortest Leslie Flint séance on record...