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Spirit portrait of Annie Nanji
Drawn in 1970 by UK Medium Coral Polge

The Annie Nanji séances

Recorded: 1973-1978

Between 1970 and 1984, 
retired doctor of chemistry, 
Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji of Birmingham University
visited London twice a year from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden,
for private sittings with Leslie Flint.

Almost every sitting was a success 
and he was fortunate to have many direct communications
with his wife Annie Ottilia Nanji, who had died in 1966.

Here are some of the remarkably clear, 
and sometimes very personal recordings, 
from those years...


Recorded: Tuesday September 18th 1973


Recorded: Tuesday July 23rd 1974


Recorded: Wednesday July 24th 1974


Recorded: Friday July 26th 1974


Recorded: Tuesday September 17th 1974


Recorded: Wednesday September 25th 1974


Recorded: Friday January 20th 1978

After a brief conversation with Mickey,
Dino speaks to Annie and they discuss spirit healing, experiments in psychic photography

then Annie tells Dino about his future home in the Spirit World.

Annie also mentions her disappointment when she is unable to communicate at some séances,

and they talk about reincarnation, mediumship and how knowledge of life after death

can help people when they die.

Finally, Dino is able to speak with his spirit son Peter

and spirit daughter Sybilla for the first time.


Recorded: Tuesday November 21st 1978


Recorded: Friday November 24th 1978