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Spirit portraits of Sybilla & Peter Nanji
drawn by spirit artist Coral Polge

Mrs Annie Nanji communicates

Recorded: 1970-1972

Between 1970 and 1984, retired doctor of chemistry,

Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji of Birmingham University

visited London twice a year from his home in Sweden,

for private sittings with Leslie Flint.


Almost every sitting was a success

and he was fortunate to have many direct communications

with his wife Annie Ottilia Nanji, who had died in 1966.


Here are some of the remarkably clear,

and sometimes very personal recordings,

from those years...

Recorded: Friday August 17th 1979

Recorded: Monday November 19th 1979

Recorded: Thursday November 22nd 1979

Recorded: Thursday June 18th 1981

Recorded: Tuesday November 17th 1981

Mickey teases Dino because he is hard of hearing and getting older.
Annie reminisces about their wonderful times together and urges Dino to sell their flat.
Dino asks Annie to try and send someone with a sincere interest in buying it.


Annie wonders why her husband still visits the cemetery and reminds him that she is not there!
She explains to Dino that she is basically the same person she always was.
Then they discuss a book project based on their séance communications.

Recorded: Saturday November 21st, 1981

Mickey and Dino talk about Leslie Flint forgetting to press the record button
at the séance on November 19th.

Annie talks of her work with spirit children whose parents are still on Earth,
then tells Dino that 'everything in our world is as solid
and as real to us as your world is to you'.

She talks of their own spirit children, Peter and Sybilla,
and tells Dino, 'I am waiting for you when the time comes.'

Recorded: Thursday November 18th 1982

Recorded: Friday November 18th 1983

Recorded: Thursday June 14th 1984

Mickey and Dino discuss the new Spiritualist centres available in London
then he shouts very loudly to ensure he can be heard...

Annie then speaks to Dino and they talk about their friends;
Gladys Hayter, Elsie & Jim Ellis, and Ted Fricker and his spirit guide Sambo,
then Dino recalls a medium named Nella Bacon who had a guide name Sambo, 50 years earlier.

Annie explains how she needs to concentrate her thoughts for communication,
then she talks about flowers on her grave and how Dino's death
will reunite them so they can move on together.

They discuss family members in the spirit world, including Annie’s mother and sister,
and Annie explains that she knows how Dino is feeling, by looking at his aura.

Annie says that a sudden sound, like a telephone, can affect the communication.
and she tells Dino that their children are beside her while she is speaking.

Annie says she will be with Dino on his journey back to Sweden,
but she desperately wishes that he could actually see her for himself.

Annie explains that their son Peter is involved in spirit rescue work,
- for those who need guidance after death -
then she tells Dino how she cannot wait to put her arms around him.

They talk of how important Leslie Flint’s mediumship is to their communications,
and Dino tells Annie to look forward to their next appointment on her birthday.

This was the final direct voice communication ever recorded between Dino and Annie.
Dino Nanji passed away in 1985.

Recorded: Tuesday July 18th 1972

Recorded: Wednesday July 19th 1972

Recorded: Thursday July 20th 1972

Recorded: Monday July 24th 1972

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