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The Brian Hurst Collection

Recorded between 1973 and 1985

Brian Edward Hurst is a retired British medium and author,
living in California, USA.

His lifetime of experiences include:
attending the College of Psychic Science in London;

working in India, meeting Sai Baba and members of
the Indian Spiritualist Society;

photographing psychic demonstrations of barehand surgery
at Huntingdon Spiritualist Church and Stansted Hall;

hosting the famous Scole séance group
from Norfolk, England, at his home in America.

Brian has been greatly inspired by many mediums, including;

William Redmond, Nora Blackwood, Joseph Benjamin

and physical mediums Anne Copley and William Olsen.

He also became friends with Leslie Flint.

Brian first attended Leslie's séances at Westbourne Terrace in London and in California, whenever Leslie was there on holiday.

Brian has kindly donated his recordings of some of these Leslie Flint séances, for the benefit and interest of others.

Note: In many of these recordings Brian can be heard more clearly than others present,
since he is nearest to the microphone.

Recorded: March 24th 1973 at 11:15am

at 140 Westbourne Terrace London.


Those present include:

Brian Hurst, Joe, Joyce and her daughters, David,
Joan McCloud, Vera Deverill, Leslie Flint.



Mickey, Joyce's father & mother, Charlie, a mother, Father Mack, Edith,

Marie Theresa, Robert, Bernard Rodin, Arthur, Dr Gustafson, André, Peter.

Brian Hurst introduces this recording, where Mickey welcomes all the sitters.

After a few minutes Joyce's father and mother communicate,
then Mickey returns to provide some evidence.

The voice of Charlie is heard, in a very emotional communication with his wife,

then Mickey advises another sitter and gives evidence to Charlie's wife once more.


Mickey speaks briefly with Brian Hurst about India, then a female communicator speaks with her daughter and sister.

A Catholic priest communicates, other voices are heard, then Aunt Edith speaks to her daughter-in-law.


Sister Marie Theresa explains that not every spirit has the chance to speak,

Robert says a few words, then after a break in the recording, Mickey chats with Brian and his friend Joe.

The sitters discuss the Catholic father who spoke, the voice of British/Canadian medium Bernard Rodin is heard,

then Vera's husband Arthur communicates with his wife.


The female voice of Dr Gustafson communicates with David, Mickey gives some evidence,

Peter tries to communicate, and André is the final communicator in this varied séance.

Note: Although this audio has been enhanced for clarity, some interference remains.

Recorded: February 25th 1977

at 140 Westbourne Terrace London.

Those present include:

Brian Hurst, Beryl, Ruth, Harry, Margareta, Bob, Leslie Flint,



Violet, Edward Jeffries, Mickey, Jack, non-English communicator,
Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

This recording is introduced by Brian Hurst.

Aunt Violet is the first communicator, who speaks very quietly, then Edward Jeffries communicates.


Mickey tells one sitter that her dog is present, then helps to bring through her husband Jack.

They have a private conversation about family members and his arrival in the spirit world,

then Mickey gives evidence of others in connection with Jack.

He tells another sitter of her family in America and they discuss reincarnation and previous lifetimes.


A non-English speaker communicates briefly,

followed by the whispering voice of Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson,

this short seance ends with Mickey wishing everyone farewell.

Note: Although this audio has been enhanced from a degraded original, some interference remains.

Recorded: October 12th 1977

at 140 Westbourne Terrace London.

Those present include:

Brian Hurst, Muriel, Harry, Bob, Ted & Jessie Ford, Maria, Leslie Flint.



Mickey, Jessie’s mother, Reverend Baker, Lily, Mario, whispering voice.