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Stephen Ward communicates - 1963

Stephen Ward was a well-known osteopath and portrait artist,

whose clients included politicians, royalty and movie actors.


In 1963, events surrounding his friendship with Christine Keeler

meant Dr Ward was arrested by the police.


The trial that followed made headline news worldwide,

but Dr Ward didn't live to see the verdict.


In despair, he took an overdose of sleeping tablets

and died on August 3rd 1963.


Dr Ward's first séance communication came on August 29th 1963

and he continued to communicate for the next ten years.

The Stephen Ward séances

Short introduction from Gwen V. Vaughan

Read the transcript below as you listen to the recording...

Gwen Vaughan:

“The following séances were recorded during a series of private sittings which Mr Leslie Flint, the 'Independent Voice' medium, gave to an elderly lady named Rose. The communicator is Dr Stephen Ward.


Dr Stephen Ward was the son of a Canon of the Church of England. He became a well-known and clever osteopath who numbered among his friends and acquaintances: politicians, titled people and artists of the stage and screen.


Mr John Profumo had been a Minister of War until the regrettable incidents concerning Christine Keeler and others, made his resignation a necessity. Because of his association with these people Dr Stephen Ward was arrested on charges from which he was unable to defend himself.


Certain of his so-called friends, who could have helped with his defence, found it convenient to leave the country. Within a web of lies and perjury, Dr Stephen Ward found himself alone and carrying the burdens which others should have been sharing with him.


In despair, he took an overdose of sleeping tablets and died on August 3rd 1963.”

Recorded: August 29th 1963

Recorded: September 2nd 1963

Recorded: September 5th 1963

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