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Meeting Leslie

by Paul Buckley

Paul remembers his invitation to attend a group séance with Leslie Flint

at 140 Westbourne Terrace, London - October 1987

“When I first came into Spiritualism I had suddenly a great thirst for knowledge. I read all the Spiritualist books that I could lay my hands on at that time; some were good and some were boring. One book that I read was 'Voices in the Dark' by Leslie Flint.


Not long after, someone came to our little Spiritualist Church and asked if anyone wanted to go to London in a mini-bus to see Leslie Flint and we jumped at the chance!


We arrived in Paddington, where Leslie used to live, and I remember it was Autumn time, because Bram Rogers was sweeping all the leaves up.

We went into the downstairs back room and sat down and the lights were turned off. That was the first time that I have ever sat in 100% complete darkness. I could not even see my own hand in front of my face!


We sang two songs, but I forget the first one. Leslie said we should sing I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, as Mickey liked that one...and as we sang it, a tiny voice came in and then suddenly it BOOMED OUT!


Mickey, who was Leslie's spirit guide, came to me with the first Direct Voice message. We had also other entities who came into talk to us and sometimes we even heard Leslie Flint talking as well, as he was not in a Trance. It was marvellous. I have heard other people try to do the Direct Voice, but they were NOT the same. Thanks Mickey you were enlightening and funny too!


Afterwards, we had a brief chat with Leslie and then he retired to his bed, as he was elderly then. He retired to Hove a fortnight after our seance.


Bram Rogers asked us if we would like a copy of the tape - which was recorded by a reel-to-reel tape recorder with a microphone on a stand - and did we wish to buy Mickey's picture, which I did, and he posted them to me later on.


What a mindful experience it was and still is!


I saw a Trance Medium a month later and that was so flat compared to what we had experienced.”


Paul Buckley

Note: This testimonial is derived from a recent conversation and two online sources dated July 2010 and Dec 2011.

Reproduced with kind permission of Mr Paul Buckley.

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