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My Memories of Leslie Flint

by Marion Dampier-Jeans


The acclaimed Danish medium and author
shares her experiences of personal spirit communications at Leslie Flint séances.

“I sat with Leslie Flint many times in London and saw his mediumship for myself.


“I met Leslie for the first time in London in 1978, at the annual Psychic News Dinner and Dance. It was a social occasion for mediums and healers to meet, relax and learn about each other.


“I remember Leslie’s sense of humour at this dinner. Our menu promised us a main course of lamb, roast potatoes, carrots, beans, peas and gravy. When the dinner arrived there were no peas. When Leslie had to give a speech he said, “I know I am a damn good medium, but I did not dematerialise the peas!”


“The next time I met Leslie was in 1982, when I was invited to sit with him at his home in Paddington, London. His séance room was in the basement. It was not large and looked like a small cinema. It was a simple room with lots of photos on the back wall, but it was comfortable. We were about 7 to 10 people and we did not sit in a circle around Leslie, but in a horse-shoe, looking towards Leslie, who had a big tape recorder on the table. 

“He talked about mediumship; saying he was not in favour of mediums. He said that mediums today came from an assembly belt, like in a factory. He said that they did not understand the meaning of mediumship. After a few minutes Mickey, his cockney spirit guide, came through.


“The great thing is, Leslie was fully awake and he could talk to us [during the séances] and we could all talk together and ask questions. We also heard him snorting, like he had smoked too much and was clearing his throat. This irritated Mickey, and he asked him to shut up. We could hear their voices taking on top of each other, one voice overlapping the other – they were talking at the same time – telling each other off. I found this interesting to hear. Mickey, more than once, asked Leslie to be silent. This made the sitters smile. It was like a normal conversation between friends.


“Mickey was a funny young boy; sometimes he could be rather hostile, especially if the questions put to him were irrelevant to Spiritualism or spirit. If the questions put to him were about New Age he would flip out!


“Leslie often had, not only one spirit voice in the air at one time, but often three spirits talking to each other - Leslie also spoke at the same time, together with spirit. Yes, the [spirit] voices moved around. I can assure all, they came all around the room, they were all over the place.


“At this séance Mickey said, “...funny, we had some foreign speaking spirits coming through some time ago, but the sitters did not understand what they were saying. There is another foreigner here today…” (meaning me, being Danish).


“Mickey asked me to listen to a recording of that séance that had been made previously. When I did, I thought the voices on the tape were speaking in an Eastern European language. The voices were very stressed and fearful. There was about three voices talking to each other; it was like listening to a conversation between them. I was allowed to borrow that tape and took it to a friend of mine, Ruth, whose parents came from Poland. She told me that this was a conversation [in Polish] between three people who were going to the gas chambers during the Second World War. These lost spirits had found their way into the séance.


“Mickey also had a lot of sympathy for other people. He once told a man, whom I know of, that he was very sad for him - because his wife, Sue, who passed away many years before, had never come through to communicate with him. The man had been sitting with Leslie for about ten years and had never received a message from her, despite them having been married for many years. Leslie was distressed over this and he asked Mickey to look for her in the world of spirit, but even Mickey came back blank. Leslie said he did not understand this and explained that he could not press spirit to be there.


“This was a great education for me, because it matters not how great your mediumship is - if spirit do not return to communicate, it is their free will, and we can do nothing about this.


“Some time later I was invited to another Leslie Flint séance, this time with my husband Simon. Suddenly a voice came through speaking in Danish. It said, “Marion jeg er glad for at du blev skilt.” It was the voice of my Father. Then he told me he had learned a little English and would I like to hear it? He then repeated, in very bad English, “Marion I am glad you got divorced.”


“Nobody in that room knew that I was married before, and had now married Simon - and nobody knew that my father could not speak or understand English. The English was very bad, but his Danish was perfect. So it is a lot of rubbish to say the voices spoke just English.

There were other times when people wished to reach their love ones, but Leslie and Mickey could not manage it. We learned that it was not that easy. Those were the times when Leslie’s mediumship did not work; there was no spirit and no Mickey. The sittings were blank. So his work was not on command or to order.


“I long for the days that we have Leslie Flint’s standard of mediumship again. He was a great medium and I have great and fond memories of him. I am so grateful to have been there, but also to see the faces of people who had messages from their love ones - we did not understand these messages, they were private and yet we all listened in. It was amazing to be present and for Leslie to have recorded so many sessions. What I experienced gave me a great impression of mediumship.


“About 1998 (after Leslie Flint had died) I was invited to another séance with a different physical medium. Leslie Flint came through accompanied by Gordon Higginson. They spoke to me and said, “Do you remember the Psychic Dinner and Dance we all went to?”


“Then they told me something about that evening that nobody else knew and also described the evening dress I wore and told me its colour. They even reminded me about TV and radio programs we had made together…they were both very charming.”


Marion Dampier-Jeans

The Leslie Flint Educational Trust are grateful to Marion for allowing us to share her recollections.

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