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Lucius Lucillus discusses reincarnation...

This series of direct voice recordings were made in 1962.

The spirit communicator calls himself Lucius Lucillus

and he and Rose Creet discuss many aspects of reincarnation.


Details of their own previous lives are gradually revealed

as Lucillus recalls various incidents in the cities of Rome, Ostia, Pompeii and on the lost continent of Atlantis...

These audios were digitised for the Flint Trust from the original magnetic reels in 2008

by Trust volunteer Jack Terrence Andrews.


Please note: The quality of these recordings varies but their content reveals a fascinating story.

Lucillus 1
Recorded: August 1st 1962

Lucius Lucillus introduces himself to Rose Creet for the first time.

He explains that they knew each other in a past lifetime

in the Italian cities of Rome and Ostia,

from where Rose would sometimes visit the islands of Sardinia and Corsica.

Lucillus reveals that, in that lifetime, they would often travel together to Pompeii

to meet a powerful Egyptian psychic named Pharos,

who helped them to commune with the spirit world.

Lucillus tells Rose that when her time to leave the Earth comes

she will be reunited with her loved ones from this lifetime

and others she knew in previous lifetimes.

Lucillus shares his recollections of the social history of the time

and tells Rose that many of her friends today have been with her in past lifetimes

he says, “because life and time are eternal”…

Lucillus 2
Recorded: August 2nd 1962

Lucillus explains that our lives are often intertwined over many lifetimes.

He tells Rose that she still has connections with members of his family today
and that Rose’s brother from this lifetime, was also present in the past.

When travelling the country, in that lifetime,
Lucillus says that Rose was always accompanied by servants and soldiers for protection,

because travel was often dangerous in those times.

Rose and her brother would attend banquets or religious ceremonies, but due to social pressures,

they had to conform - because one could not afford to be different in those times.

Rose and Lucillus liked to discuss spiritual matters, which was unusual in a time when the love of worldly things

were more important and life was meant for pure enjoyment, not intellectual matters.

Lucillus describes the city of Pompeii as a more cosmopolitan, mixed community than Rome,

with more freedom of speech, and freedom of thought than Rome.

He describes Pompeii as a hub for those seeking refuge and the freedom to be themselves.

Pompeii’s melting pot of cultures allowed for a difference in architecture,

where smaller, more private rooms were available and at great risk,

the powerful psychic named Pharos would host forbidden séances there.

After a pause, Lucillus returns giving Rose her original name from that lifetime,

and shares memories of an unusual pet animal, which is mirrored in the present life,

and the gift of a necklace, which has an interesting tale spread over various lifetimes…

Lucillus 3
Recorded: August 13th 1962

Lucillus says that most people on Earth have no idea about of spirit life,

but he happy to have this chance to communicate.

He tells Rose that Leslie Flint was especially selected for this work,

although mediums are often the last to know what goes on around them.


Lucillus asks Leslie Flint to keep an open mind for the communications to come,

even if he hears something that he does not agree with,

because, in these communications,

Lucillus plans only to tell truths - even if they are difficult to accept.


He explains that some people are at the beginning of their spiritual journey,

but is it the experience that matters, he says, not the time it takes,

and that the experiences we have gained from our previous lifetimes

give us the ability to overcome difficulties in this one.


He says that although we may come back again and again

to learn the lessons we need for progression,

each individual path of unfoldment will be different.

He tells Rose that life is always evolving - and one physical lifetime is never enough,

because there is so much to learn and discover…

Lucillus 4
Recorded: August 18th 1962

Lucillus explains that we incarnate many times - as son, daughter, mother and father

and we never stop learning or progressing.

It is only when we have learned all that we can, do we finish incarnating on the Earth.

Lucillus reminds Rose how dangerous it was to openly discuss spiritual matters in old Rome

and says that Rose’s influence then helped her friends escape the destruction of Pompeii.

The psychic named Pharos also escaped, but he was later arrested and died in the Roman arena.

Lucillus explains that, in that lifetime, Rose was connected then with her friends of today

and they were all present during the fall of Rome.

Lucillus tells Rose of her marriage to a man who was later reincarnated as Frederik Chopin.

After his death, their only child became an influential Pope of those times.

Ancient portraits still exist of Rose then, and her husband.

And her son who was Pope then is alive in this lifetime, although Rose would not recognise him.

Lucillus states that all lives are entwined, and when Rose arrives in the spirit world,

she will joyfully reunite with all those she has known, including Lucillus.

At the end of this recording is a little remark from Mickey,

who mentions that, once, in a previous lifetime, he was Leslie Flint’s own son…

Lucillus 5
Recorded: August 20th 1962

Rose asks Lucillus to reveal his name when he was Pope,

but he prefers that Rose finds this through her own historical research.


Lucillus explains that we accumulate many experiences through many lifetimes

but we should learn to discard those memories that no longer serve any purpose.


He tells Rose that this current lifetime will be her last on Earth,

but all her previous incarnations have been important in some way,

especially in her influence on others over the centuries.


He explains that all the difficulties and trials that life has presented,

have helped to prepare Rose for her future life in the spirit world.

And during lifetimes where opportunities seem to have been lost

we can come back to the same point, and be given another chance.


Lucillus says we all have the freedom to choose our own direction

but choosing an alternative pathway can also bring success.


He explains that we are all a part of each other and part of a great plan,

because those with whom we share our lives,
over many incarnations, over many centuries,

are a part of us.

Lucillus 6
Recorded: August 24th 1962

Lucillus admits that some people have difficulty in believing in past lives.

but insists that reincarnation means the development of the human soul over many lifetimes,

through many conditions and experiences, over generations of time.

Lucillus refers back to Rose’s lifetime in mediaeval Italy - the time of the Borgias,

and promises to answer all of Rose’s questions,

but only after she has exhausted all other avenues of research.

He compliments Rose on her energy and mental agility,

and jokes that she does well for a woman who is almost 4,000 year old!

Lucillus recalls some of Rose’s earlier incarnations

in Egypt, Rome, Syria and China - and another in Russia

where she was again married to the man who was later born as Frederic Chopin.

There was a lifetime during the reign of Charles I,

where Rose had to flee persecution from Oliver Cromwell’s regime.

and yet another life where she was a Catholic priest.

Lucillus shares more details of Rose’s life in Pompeii,

and mentions her parents, who have also been with her in previous lives.

He says that Rose, together with other souls, are almost like a single spirit

entwined together and developing in different ways

- as part of the same soul group.


Then Lucillus mentions a lifetime in the lost continent of Atlantis,

but says that all these lives are like grains of sand in the desert,

and a greater understanding can be gained in the spiritual realms.

Only patience is required until that time comes…

Lucillus 7
Recorded: August 27th 1962

Lucillus keeps his promise to Rose and gives her a description of a life in Atlantis.


He explains that it was a diverse land with forests, mountains and deserts,

populated by different tribes or groups of people,

each at their own stage of evolution - and each at war with one another.


Lucillus tells Rose that her first incarnation on Earth was in Atlantis,

as was his own, and they lived at this time as brother and sister,

in a group of people known as Lemurians.

The Lemurians lived in great cities and appreciated art and music,

and they understood and could harness the power of the elements.


Lucillus also talks about the illiterate and barbaric tribes of Atlantis,

who lived almost as animals of the land.

The Lemurians tried to help these lesser tribes,

but many lost their lives in wild expeditions.


Lucillus says the heart of Atlantis was ultimately destroyed by a massive meteor,

until the sea overtook the land altogether.


Finally, he gives Rose some encouraging wisdom,

explaining that she is almost at the end of her journey of life,

which began almost 50,000 years earlier in Atlantis...

Additional recordings in this series will be added in time...

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