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Séance Experiences

by James Van Praagh


The popular American spiritual medium talks about his introduction to Leslie Flint, through his friend Brian Hurst,

and the survival evidence he received after attending his séances in the USA.

Read the full transcript of this video below...

"Hello. My name is James Van Praagh and I am a spiritual medium.


Many of you might remember me from TV shows like Larry King Live, Oprah, 48 Hours - a lot of television,
a lot of radio and many books on mediumship; probably about 14 books. The first one, ‘Talking to Heaven’
was a bestseller for many weeks and…


I am here to really talk about an incredible being - Leslie Flint - who I was able to meet back in the mid-80s and
I met him through my mentor, Brian Hurst. And Brian Hurst is also a medium.


I moved from Los Angeles to New York and I was working in a temporary job, trying to break into showbiz, to be a sitcom writer and I ended up working at the William Morris agency and a lady there, my supervisor, said do you want to go see a medium and I said, ‘who’s that?’ And she said, ‘someone who talks to dead people’. I didn’t believe in that. But a long story short, she brought me to Brian Hurst. Then this wonderful relationship began and he recognised my mediumship skills and talents and really was my mentor at the very beginning and introduced me to Leslie Flint.


I sat with Leslie three times at séances in Hollywood California and I had a very good time with Leslie and lunches with Leslie, dinners with Leslie, through Brian Hurst. It was a lovely time. He used to come out every summer.


So I sat with Leslie in the séances three different times and, of course, like everybody in the séance room, you want somebody to come through for you, but you don’t know what’s going to happen.


It was also, I remember very distinctly, Bram, his friend Bram, his partner Bram, was always there and a joy. Funny, laughing, great sense of humour, the quickest…quickest wit, a card, really a card.


And, I remember once, before a séance started, before everybody got there in the room - about ten people was it, the amount, the maximum - Leslie and I were alone in the living room of this place and he said to me, “James…James” - in a very low voice - “James, see that box over there…” - and it was a television set - “…one day you’re going to use that, you’re going to spread the word at that, and you’re going to use it, but use it wisely.” And his words came to pass, of course. I’ve been on television many times, in my own shows and so forth.


So, I went with…into these séances in this dark room…dark room at the time - didn’t know anything about it. And I remember the first time it happened where voices appeared, Mickey first came, ‘how you all doing?’ was his voice and I thought, ‘this is crazy…this is very strange…I’m…but it’s strange’ and I remember the people that came through, the spirits that came through all were British…British voices and my thought was ‘maybe this…he’s a ventriloquist…maybe throwing his voice, because they’re all British, so if there was an American sounding voice or another country, maybe it’d be more believable, but it wasn’t so I was a little bit sceptical.


The second time we began to [sit] and we just sat for a little bit because they said there wasn’t enough energy there or power.


And the third time I sat - that’s two years after that - I remember I was sitting there and I was like everybody, hoping, I was hoping somebody would come through and I didn’t think it was going to happen. In the middle of this room, all of a sudden, this Frenchman’s voice came through and he said,

“I want to talk to James, I want to talk to James. James!” - and screaming;

“You’re a psychic, a sensitive, James, James! We have many here who believe in you my friend and one day you’re going to help the world, you’re going to write a book, you’re going to travel over water. Many, many here believe in you.”


And he was named…his name was André. He gave me his full name, which of course I looked up because…very cynical, sceptical person that I am…and I found that - he did say that he was involved with the Paris opera - and
I found that he was indeed a musician there, a writer and an actor, an artist. And he said in that séance that,
“we recognise within you that you’re a sensitive and you’re going to help many people.”


And then…I was overwhelmed by it all, I really was…but the first thing I said to him was,

“Oh thank you. Is my mother there?” - because I wanted to talk to my mother who had just recently passed.


“Your Mama, your Mama, hold on. We get your Mama.” And he said, “Your Mama is here, she’s talks about
a ring…the diamond ring…a real diamond came off the ring.”


Yes, it did come off a ring. And then my mother came through. My mother came through in her voice and she used the word…my nickname, Jamie. She goes, “Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, I love you.” And no one knew my nickname, no one at all knew my nickname. And it was her voice. And thank goodness we had a cassette player and we recorded it of course, the séance. And I played it for my siblings and they were just astounded and said, “Wow, that’s Mom.”


So it was incredible, an incredible experience. It opened my mind up to ‘there is indeed no death whatsoever’.
I look forward to it when the time comes, I look very forward to it. I think the Leslie Flint foundation is a very important institution. I think everybody should use it to help other people to open up their minds and hearts...
to realise that there is no death and that our thoughts, our words and our actions really do count. Because it’s said many times in Leslie Flint séances; the conditions you find yourself will be those you create, based on how you lived your life and how you treated others. So treat them well.


So I am very happy to just check in with you and tell you that Leslie Flint was one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met in my life…and down-to-earth. Capricorn man, very down-to-earth, black and white, you know really, very, very down, very real.



So I hope you enjoy and listen to all of his tapes because they’re incredible. Bye-bye."



James Van Praagh

The Leslie Flint Trust is grateful to Mr Van Praagh for his cooperation in recording this testimonial.

The Trust also acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of volunteer Mary Beth Mank in arranging this video.

James Van Praagh's

séance experiences

with Leslie Flint, and more,

can be read in his best selling book

'Talking To Heaven'

first published by EP Dutton in 1997.

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