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Ignatius communicates

Recorded: May 20th 1968

“Death is but a gate through which we all pass.”

Speaking at first in an almost Biblical style,

Ignatius talks of his escape from the confines
of his monastery home at the age of 63,
to set up a spiritual mission of his own.


There, he was inspired by ancient spirits

to teach a new system of beliefs,

which angered the established Roman Catholic faith.


Ignatius and his followers were persecuted,

some were killed or imprisoned,

and his new church was destroyed.


Although his precise identity is uncertain, his words suggest
a similarity to the historical figure Ignatius of Antioch,

who was taken by soldiers because of his beliefs,
to be killed in Rome by lions in a public arena.

Note: Although this vintage audio has been enhanced, the sound of passing traffic can occasionally be heard.

Read the full transcript below as you listen to the recording...

Present: Betty Greene, George Woods, Leslie Flint.

Communicators: Mickey, Ignatius.


[Are you] doing well?



Yes, lovely Mickey.



Yes, thank you Mickey.



Thats good.



Doing very well.



How are you getting on with your recordings?



Oh, very well. We've been all the week at it.



Sending a lot out Mickey.



Are you?



Yes, they've replied from Canada, saying they've been playing them to people and...



Very pleased with them.



...they're very pleased with them.



Well that's interesting.






Long as you're doing some good work, why worry?



No. We'll keep sending them out... a gentleman came in the morning... yesterday morning to have, uh...recordings. I'm doing some for him too. He's doing a lot of, uh... playing them to a lot of people.



We haven't heard whether the South Africa lot got their recordings yet. We hope they have.





Not as much as we'd like to Mickey.


[Sound of passing traffic]



Canst thou hear?



Yes. We hear quite well.



Hear you very well, thank you.



Thank you for coming through.



Thou must indeed be of great patience...






...for that which we on this side endeavour to do is not easy and the method that one useth is difficult.





Many a time have I thought, that if it were possible to commune with you, how much would I like to convey of the things that are truly of the spirit. Thou hast been greatly blessed, inasmuch as thou hast been given insight into the realm of spirit and the manifestation of the power of the spirit.


Yet even so, much cannot be revealed. Words of the flesh cannot convey the vision of the spirit. That which we desireth to give to thee is limited, by the very fact and condition of Earthly things. But 'ere long, it is the desire of many of us that we shall learn to overcome the limitations of the flesh and open up the path of illumination and truth, that many who seek shall truly find.


When I, centuries of time ago, walked and had my being upon your Earth, my mind was ever open to receive. And yet, there were many barriers that were brought about by foolishness and ignorance. Though I strove in my own light and fashion to discover more of the willings of God, the path was not easy.


There were many around and about me, like unto myself, and yet there were many pressures brought to bear upon us. We were bound by the teachings of the Church and held fast in such a way, that it was difficult. And therefore in the privacy of one's own cell, only then could one open one's heart and mind to the things of the spirit, in the fulness thereof.


The ritual that we had to follow, rigid as it was, gave us little time that we might commune in, what you would call, the fashion of the spirit. And yet our lives, given over to worship and to prayer, made possible a quietitude of mind and the receptance of things spiritual. But it was not until one could withdraw into the privacy of one's own cell that one could hope to have the true manifestation of the power of the spirit.

Years upon years ago - a long, long time ago - there was a brotherhood of men gathered together that we might seek and find truth. But 'ere so, we were bound by the church and its teachings, by the rigid rule and method, long established.


I myself had the vision and the manifestation of spirit and I felt more and more 'hemmed in' by the Church and found it difficult to breathe my new knowledge and truth to my brothers. In consequence, in my sixty-third year I decided - though it was death - to take on to myself such a task and such a risk.


I left and I went forth, in the midst of the night, away from those who had been my companions for so long. I realised that in so doing, I was breaking my vows. And I was opening, as it were, myself to all manner of difficulty and persecution in the world outside. For if I had been discovered, it would have meant death.


For to break one's vows and to leave, as I left, the monastery in which I had spent so many years, the danger thereof was great. But I realised that it was, for me, an essential thing to move forth into the world, to seek for myself an opportunity to give forth my new found teachings. Indeed, I had been instructed in a meditation in my cell - my soul was removed from Earth - to so do that which I did.


It took a long time for me to come to this decision and I went forth in the midst of the night, and to the cover of darkness into the light - into the light of material thought and daily life, far removed from my old habitat.


But I did not dare, for several days, make myself known in any form. I knew that if I were to preach or to make myself visible, in the area in which the monastery was placed, that I would be most surely taken to court and brought to death. So I travelled many, many miles, under the cover of darkness, until I came to the northern part of the country - far removed from my old home. And there I set up a mission.


There I opened... my mouth, that they might hear the word of spirit pour forth. For I was used and controlled, as you would say in your modern language, by souls who had been in the realms of spirit for many centuries of time. And I gave forth the teachings of the living Christ and the reality of the spirit and the power of the spirit and the manifestation thereof.


And did travel from place to place; healing the sick and giving forth the teachings of life eternal, and I was not molested. And many were they who came to me and gathered around me. And we did gather together a number of souls who became followers and brothers together. And we did set forth and we did commence to build a small place of our own. And we did build, therein, a house dedicated to the spirit.


We were not attached or connected to the Church. And, in consequence, brought upon ourselves the wroth of the Church. And we were persecuted, but nevertheless, we continued. And though we were reviled we were not unduly concerned. And many within the area, in which we built our church, came unto us for teaching and for healing and did enter themselves into a new form of communication, a new understanding of the laws of the world to come.


The power of the spirit was strongly manifest among us and we were a brethren together - in such a way, that I am convinced, that if we could have continued, we should have eventually brought back into the Church that which has so long been lost.


But after my death, though it was for a time to continue, there were... became new laws and there came a new Pope, who's decrees were harsh and hard. And that which we had built was broken down and the peoples therein were dispersed. Some were put to the death and some were imprisoned. And that which had been started, in such great faith, had been lost forever.


But it was, as I see it now looking back, the resurrection, as it were, of the Church. But it was not allowed to continue. The power of the orthodox Church of my time was strong and, in consequence, because we had become a stronger body - not stronger than the Church, but because we had become strong in ourselves by our faith and our knowledge. And because we were able to achieve many of the things that Jesus said we should do in his name, we were, in consequence, made intolerable our lives.


This has always been the truth, of course; that those who should come forth out of the darkness of materialism, and should open up their hearts to the living God and should manifest the power of the Holy Spirit, in such a form upon Earth, should come against authority - the material power of orthodox religion.


And it has always been so. Though great men may arise and do great work, invariably, it has been proved again and again, that that light that they bring; though it shines forth, is in time diminished by material forces.


And I see you in a similar light: trying to bring illumination in the darkness of your world, manifesting the power of the spirit, bringing it forth and sending it to all parts of your globe. It does a great good and opens up the eyes of many. But the orthodox Church and the power therein is great and suppresses and makes difficult your task.


But even so, know this; that you are striving and doing these things [so] that others may see that light, which has been diminished in your world for so long, that it shall not go out. It shall truly be a light in the darkness for many and they shall be blessed accordingly.


But all through history you will find those souls who are seeking truth, under great difficulty and through great adversity, do strive and do endeavour and do accomplish, but realise the powers of your world are many - particularly those who have cause to resent that which you do. Their power can be, in a material sense, great. But the power of the spirit, in itself ,is greater and can accomplish many things.


Do not, therefore, be disheartened. But know that, that which you do is truly a great work and many, in consequence, find joy and peace [and] tranquility of spirit. And they find for themselves a new life and a new understanding and a new strength cometh. You are truly blessed.

My name, in itself, can mean little or nothing to you. I was known as Ignatius. But, um... this will convey nothing to you.


For centuries ago, in that country which you call Italy, the power of the Church was great and strong and powerful and was mixed very closely with State and, indeed, the reigning houses and bodies in different parts of the country - supporting the Church for their own ends and the Church supporting these men of high birth and degree, to their own advantage and advancement.


For those who were simple and those who were sincere in their simplicity, seeking not of the flesh, but of the spirit [and] for those such as myself - it was not easy to bring forth, against the power of the Church and the supporters of the Church, truth.


And yet, I can say - in spite of my age, in spite of the many problems and difficulties, and in spite of all the conflictions of the times in which I lived - we achieved. And many men were blessed and many saw the light and many developed those spiritual faculties of which we so often speak.


And they, in their turn, did much to help others. Although our power was not, perhaps, to last; it served, in its own time and place, a purpose and many were blessed, as I've already said, accordingly.


And many of the children that were to come forth in a future generation, remembering these things of which they had witnessed, also, in their own way and in their own fashion and in their own time, went forth also, as pilgrims on the path of life, travelling in many countries.


Though we formed a body, though we formed, what you would term, a church - not a church perhaps in the sense that you understand the meaning of church in your day and age, but a group of sincere, bonded men, in love and brotherhood with revelation of spirit - though we lost the material that we had built, the message of truth went on.


And then I think, as I see back in time, that it is not in buildings, it is not in the edifice, it is not in the church or the temple, it is not in the structure - it is not in this that our power and our strength lies - but out in the highways and the byways, as we had been told by the Master, that we found our true church, our true mission.


We do not seek to be bonded together in a material sense, but truly in a spiritual one; brothers in Christ, brothers in the light of revelation, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the message goes forth. And those who trudge the daily path, doing that which they may well do with the strength that is given them to do, achieve much in their own time.


Do not therefore despair yourselves. Though it seems hard and difficult and sometimes showing little promise, here and there you sow the seeds of righteousness and of truth, of light [and] illumination. You sow the seed of wisdom, that men may see and know and have understanding of the realities of life.


Death is but a gate through which we all pass. But if we pass through that gateway called death with realisation and understanding, when we see that in ourselves we have achieved much before we have reached that gate, then truly we can enter it and enter into the fuller life, with a greater realisation and understanding and readiness.


This is the reason and the purpose and the meaning of our coming, that we might prepare each and every one - that each and every soul that listens to the voice of spirit and that the seed that is sown may blossom forth in every human heart, and all shall be, indeed, ready to enter and partake therein.


Truly, to sow in your lives the seeds of goodness, surely this is the reason and the purpose and the meaning of life? Even though you lack and lose much materially, that which you gain spiritually is more than a compensation. It is truly the reward that comes. And when that time cometh, that you enter into the realm of spirit, truly it can be said unto you, 'well done, my true and faithful servant'. This is all that matters.


As I know only too well and thousands likewise, that it matters not what you receive from the flesh and what you achieve in the material way, but what you have done and achieved spiritually for others - enlightening those who dwell in darkness, that they see the light of spirit and are blessed thereby.


When I know of you, as I have so done through others, when I realised that you struggle and strive, oft-times against great difficulty and yet you achieve so much, more than you can ever know of course, for you cannot always know and see and realise that the results that have been brought into being by your efforts... you pass on the truth, you pass on the torch of knowledge and others carry it forward. It does not finish when you finish materially.


Indeed, there will be many others who will carry on where you leave off. But truly, when you have finished your task, then you will see and know with a greater clarity. A vision and knowledge will come, that is yet denied you. This will be your reward.


Have no doubts, no fears. Have full confidence of the power that moves you and the power that is around and about you, and the loving servants that come with joy in their hearts to assist you. We shall not cease to strive for mankind and that which you do. Small though it may seem to you, is greater than you know in its effect.


We are all pilgrims, we are all teachers, of a kind. And we achieve that which we set out to do, perhaps not always to the full intent and purpose that we have in heart, but we do that which we can do, in which circumstances allow.


But do realise this my children, that that which you have done is indeed a great work. And that which is yet to come is greater still and that every step that you take you are not alone, but you are supported, surrounded and held up by innumerable souls whose love is great and powerful and truly are you blessed in consequence.


Go forward in this struggle against the material things with a realisation that the power of the spirit sustains you, strengthens you and uplifts you. And that truly you are, as it were, the mouthpiece of the living spirit. This is your joy and our happiness too. Together we are strong and nothing can assail us.


It gives me great joy, because I am but one, indeed, of many, many souls. Many souls, indeed, who partake of this communion with you, who love you and work with you - unseen maybe, but nevertheless very strongly with you.


We do not necessarily concern ourselves with our name and position, such as it may have been or was. Some of us, indeed, would rather that you know not of our material lives, because it is best so. It is our message that matters, that which we have to give to you - the living truth, the words which cannot die, because of their reality of spirit making them indestructible. These are the things that matter.


We are but the servants of greater souls, we are the bearers of greater tidings. These things that we give to you, these are the realities that live on and nothing can destroy. We are the message bearers. You are the message bearers also - you send forth the message of the spirit where 'ere you can, to all who will listen. This is your task and it is a task that brings you great joy and satisfaction.


Truly, we are blessed together in our strength and in our love. It gives me great happiness, great joy to come to you. And many are they who come with me also, bless you. Truly my children, we are serving and doing the will of the Most High.


We have no cause for doubts or fears or regrets. We achieve in our own way, small though it may seem to you, greater than you know. Many, indeed, have cause to bless the efforts that are made.


My love and my peace be with you, always. Farewell my children.


Thank you very much.



Thank you very, very much for that lovely talk.



Thank you - very much.


Mickey: [Whispering]

That's one of the group that comes to you. His name is Ignatius.


Flint: [Sniffing/Coughing]



Thank you Mickey.



Thank you Mickey - so much Mickey.


You know, I don't think you can ever realise or anyone can, for that matter, who is really immersed, as you might say, in this work, the number of people who do take an interest.


I mean, it's natural when you're sitting in circle and you're developing or you're working as a medium, you get to know a certain number of people and you become associated with them, you realise the point and the purpose of what you've got to do and it's very important to you and you strive and sometimes you get disheartened and all that, but nevertheless you go on...


The point is, that there's thousands of people really. Because, um, although you may know, say, half a dozen, but you can bet you're sweet life that they are only representing hundreds and hundreds of others, who, for various reasons don't make themselves known, who work in the background and transmit their messages and their thoughts and...

In other words, they serve on all levels, you know.





Anyway... you carry on the good work, eh?


Woods / Greene:




Keep your chin up and don't get down in the dumps George, you've got a few years to go yet, you know!



Oh I know. I, uh... all I want to do, is do the work.



Yes and, um... look after your diet.




Bye Mickey.






Thank you very, very much...



Thank you.



Look after your diet? Are you on a diet?


This transcript was created for the Trust by K.Jackson-Barnes - April 2019

The original recording was digitised by Jack Terrence Andrews

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