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Father Bernard communicates

Recorded: 12th May 1969

“We can reach out together
with the voice of the spirit”

Father Bernard speaks clearly and deliberately

about the search for spiritual truth

and the subject of spirit communication.


He talks about the positive effects of spirit voice recordings,

which can be used reach people who are unable to attend séances,

and might inspire some to begin their own spiritual development.


He refers to people in positions of power,
who mislead their followers, because they are spiritually weak
and only pretend to be wise.


Bernard explains that even though different spirits communicate,

each in their own unique way,
the essence of the message is the same.


He says that spirit communication will always be criticised,

and not everyone will accept what they hear,

but we should at least listen,

because the communications have a purpose and a meaning

- even if we do not understand how it is possible...

Note: Although this vintage audio has been enhanced, some interference remains.

Read the transcript below as you listen to the recording...

Present: George Woods, Betty Greene, Leslie Flint.

Communicators: Father Bernard, Mickey.

Father Bernard:

Keep on looking...


Betty Greene:




That in itself impresses me to talk to you...









...on such a subject as 'looking towards the future'.





The future material, entwined with the future spiritual. If only humanity would keep on looking and turn the eye towards the power and the love of the Holy Spirit. Keep on looking towards that light which comes piercing your darkness - the light of spiritual truth and knowledge.


In your world there are many, many souls of all nationalities, of all races, colour and creed who are looking and yet know not what they are looking for. All are looking for truth and there are many who cannot perceive it, for various reasons.

But if they should be brought into the realisation of spiritual communion, if they could be brought into the understanding that the power of the spirit that is manifest through the instrumentality of instruments*, then I am quite sure the world would, in consequence, be brought into a greater realisation of the purpose of man upon Earth.

*instruments = spiritual mediums


Eventually we shall be enabled to help you to outlaw all the things which cause such havoc and chaos, in so many different ways. In our attempts to communicate with you, there are times when we are able to have a clear channel and speak to you, conveying our thoughts, endeavouring, in consequence, of this opportunity to inspire - not only you, but others - through your agency, through these recordings that are sent here and there. Others listening may feel impressed and inspired to seek and to find for themselves.


Indeed, in a sense, we are making it possible for many who cannot have first-hand contact with us, at least to listen and by listening to the voice of spirit enable them, if not to develop their own powers, at least, with the knowledge that we are able to impart, to impress and inspire them to work for the good of others, to take away the fear of death - to inspire them to endeavour, at least, to overcome more and more the material conditions of Earthly life which strangle man and make it oft-times impossible for him to find for himself that truth, which all the world of flesh so sadly needs.


It is indeed a difficult task, but one which nevertheless, if only in a small way, grows like the proverbial snowball. We start off here in this room endeavouring to impart our knowledge and give comfort. You do your part and these messages are sent out. Many are they who listen and many are they who, in consequence, want to know more. Although, perhaps we would wish for more instruments - indeed, it is ever our cry.


Yet nevertheless, here and there, individuals do begin to develop their own faculties and gifts. And there is an 'opening up', as it were, in the minds of many and there is an inspiration and a form of mediumship developed, whereby they in their turn take upon themselves to do the work of spirit.


I am so anxious that you should feel that your efforts do not always 'fall on stoney ground'. Though at times when you 'throw the seed' in this and that direction and you must feel that very little seems to come of it, but there is much that you know not of, where there is great fruition and the word is sown, the message is given and accepted.


And as the years roll on for you, though you may feel perhaps there can be very few years left, in the material sense, to serve... yet in that period of time that is yet to be, you will find more and more engrossing the work, more and more opportunity, more and more shall the messages come, and more and more shall you send them out.


And in consequence, links will be forged between yourselves and peoples. Yet some you may never meet, but nevertheless there are many who will become messenger bearers, who will carry on and who will take on for themselves work, which possibly may seem, for the moment, impossible. You will see... you will live to see, materially, how much has been achieved, how much you have done, how the many messages have brought forth, for many peoples all over the world, a great desire to serve.


And this is, of course, the great thing; that we are all endeavouring in our own fashion, in our own way, to the best of our ability, to open the eyes of those who dwell in darkness. There are some in your world, as you were just referring to, who see not with eyes of the flesh. Who live in a world that is dark. And yet, they live in a world where the illumination of the spirit is such that truly are they blessed, for they see more - much more than those who are blind, as the world sees it. They truly see and truly seek and within them is a power which perhaps is denied to many who pretend to know and many who think that they see.


Those who are sometimes, as the world sees it, full of wisdom and wise sayings - these who oft-times are revered and looked up to by many, oft-times placed on pedestals, yet how frail and how insecure are they. These who oft-times hold the destiny of many people in their hands, materially, they are often so weak spiritually - and, in a sense, weak materially, for they are on shifting sands of time which eventually shall engulf them. The tragedy of course is that, oft-times, the peoples of Earth listen to them and are misled and misguided.


But we know the truth of the spirit, we know the reality of life eternal. We shall overcome many of the complexities and difficulties which stand in our path. We know that in the simple hearts of inquiring peoples - those who seek in love and in sincerity for truth - it shall be revealed unto them.


And, as in the past centuries of time, where there has been great light brought into the the world, it has invariably come through those who are humble and sincere - not through the mighty and the powerful and the great, as the world sees it - but only through those who have a mind that is open to receive - not cluttered, not fettered or shackled by preconceived notions and ideas - or, as it were, tied down to theology and orthodoxy - but men who are free in their minds and in their hearts to receive truth. These are they who have come into your world over generations of time and given forth a great light in the darkness.


So it is that you, in a small measure it must seem, but nevertheless, an effective manner and means has been achieved, by which we can reach out together with the voice of the spirit. These tapes, as you term them, can indeed transform the thinking of the world. And in time, in many ways and in many places, shall give the initiative and the desire to many to overcome and overthrow the material forces around and about, which hold man back and prevent his spiritual advancement.

Truly you are blessed, inasmuch that you have been given this opportunity to serve, been given this opportunity to work in a great cause - forgetting self in loving service. This truly is the beginning of great things. There are a few others like yourselves, who are endeavouring in similar fashion and manner, to serve. Some perhaps may be going in what may seem to you to be in a different direction, but in their own fashion and in their own way, they are making a contribution. And of course there must be, and indeed it is good that there should be, many souls from this world of ours, stressing their own point of view. But we must remember that the fundamental truth of life is the same. No matter from what sphere an individual may come, when this message is given, the fundamental truth remains.


An individual must and can only give his own point of view, his own interpretation of his experiences. And since the vastness of our world is such, there are untold numbers of spheres and conditions of life. So you will have a great variety of peoples coming and giving forth their message, but it is always the fundamental truth. Though they may interpret things, sometimes differently, sometimes give you an insight into their own particular condition - yet there is the basis which remains the same.


And I want you to feel that it is by this, being able to communicate on different levels of consciousness, bringing forth different experiences - according to the individual development, advancement or indeed, in some instances, lack of it - it is good that you should receive from all spheres and from all conditions of men, all manner of communication. For it is good inasmuch that it shall give you an insight to the tremendous vastness of the world of spirit.


There are tremendous possibilities contained therein and how each and every one is advancing, slowly but surely, to a higher realisation and acceptance of God's will and purpose for man. You are truly blessed, inasmuch that over a long period, you have been enabled to communicate with people on different levels.


But you must remember that sometimes, in the desire to assert their personality, they resort to 'tapping', if I can use such an expression, 'the conditions of Earth'. In other words, a person may feel the necessity to assert their personality on a certain level, so that they shall be, to some extent, recognisable by the peoples on Earth who may listen to their message or own voice. This is sometimes deliberately done, but does not necessarily mean to say that they are still on that level of consciousness.


It is an effort or an attempt made to prove their identity, in such a fashion or way, that people may say, 'Oh, that could only be so-and-so. His voice is so recognisable and the context of his message is such, as one would anticipate from such-and-such a person.'

But you must remember, that in many instances, individuals do endeavour to do this, but [at] the same time, quite often would prefer to speak on a different level, and will eventually, when they have considered themselves sufficiently proven to you, they may well, automatically almost, revert to their condition of mind and spirit here, and give to you messages on an entirely different conscious level; the level of their spiritual achievement, as best they can reproduce it to you.


You will always have problems, and I think this should be made quite clear. There will always be those in your world who will criticise. There will always be those who are ready to deny. There will always be those who, for various reasons best known to themselves, will endeavour to discredit. This, of course, one must expect and oft-times individuals from this side bear these things in mind and, in consequence, sometimes assert an aspect of their personality which may even be foreign to them, so that they can sometimes counteract criticism.


Sometimes you will have a confusion in a communication, which is very puzzling. This may be due to various things or various reasons. Sometimes a link is not a strong one. Sometimes the individual, in trying to assert themselves to some extent in their communication, to bring forth something of their past temperament, their past - shall we say, 'character'... uh, sometimes defeat their own ends. But these are the complexities of communication. Communication, by its very nature, cannot necessarily be clear-cut. Indeed it is impossible, but I want to stress these things for the benefit of those who may listen to the tapes.


All we can say to you is: listen intently to the word of the spirit, by all means dissect it, and where it is not acceptable to you, at least put it aside temporarily, until such time as you may perhaps begin to see what was meant or intended behind the substance that was given. We do not expect that all shall readily agree. We do not expect that everyone can assume that everything that they listen to is, to them, sensible - or even, shall we say, acceptable. But the point is, everything that comes to you, on whatever level it comes; there is a reality, there is a purpose, there is a meaning. Sometimes things are said which seem pointless, sometimes even purposeless and sometimes even irrational and perhaps even stupid.


Indeed, there are so many levels of consciousness and communication, it is bound to have complexities of varying entities. Perhaps one may be speaking and another may be standing in the distance, as it were, and there may be a blending of consciousness and personality. It may well be that one person may speak and transmit a certain amount of himself and another person may impinge his thoughts in such a way, that it sometimes becomes a blending of two people - and indeed it is possible, and one must accept and realise this is a factual thing.


But when we understand all communication is a mental process - in other words, when we wish to communicate we must transmit our thoughts via the instrument, transmitting it into sound, artificially reproducing something of our real selves and, to some extent, perhaps some aspect of ourselves as once we were when on Earth, for evidential recognition - but in the process, according to the conditions, there must be and will be, sometimes, what appear to be discrepancies.


There must be sometimes a merging, sometimes even the interference of thoughts of individuals on Earth - the sitters. Sometimes the conscious mind of the medium can inhibit or affect. Indeed communication, where it is, shall we say, clear-cut and decisive, is very difficult to achieve. The fact that we achieve as much as we do, in itself, is, I think, a remarkable thing. But you are, of course, aware of these things, you are conscious of these problems, but many who listen to the tapes cannot be so.

To them, they are new and fresh, sometimes often very exciting, unusual - and indeed, in many instances, there are people who are overwhelmed and cannot even accept or take it clearly to themselves. Indeed, there are so many different reactions, as well there must be - which is a good thing - to the various tapes and the various speakers that come through and speak and to the various things that are said.

Sometimes things are said which must sound to some people; uninitiated into these truths, as sounding rather stupid or ridiculous and unacceptable. That, of course, we must anticipate will be the case in some... with some people. What I am trying desperately, on this session... for this session, is that we shall have a sort of tape that you can send out - particularly to those who are on the fringe, that they may see something of our problems, for them to realise that, to some extent, it's within themselves. That they too must bring something of themselves to what is said, what is given.


In other words, we do not expect them to sit there and take everything, as it were, for granted. We expect them to use reason. If we cannot appeal to reason, then all our efforts are in vain, then shall we be no different to many other orthodox teachings or religions or creeds. We are only concerned that people shall use reason. So that by using reason, they can come to satisfactory conclusions - though there may be and will be problems, but the essence, the truth, the fundamental realisation of communication, of the oneness of...of spirit, of a mind. That those who are, so-called, 'dead' are indeed very much alive and aware and are very much around and about and can, under certain conditions, make themselves felt and known and converse.


If we achieve something of this measure in the initial stages, if we make people think and make people want to know more, if we make them, so that they wish to probe a little further - even though they cannot fully understand or accept - truly then our work is good. Truly then our work is bearing good fruit. And I am sure that we can look back with great joy in our hearts, to that which has been done, to that which has been achieved, and we can go forward in greater strength in the coming months and years to greater, greater things - where greater shall be the contact, greater shall be the joy of communion together.


If we can help, as I know we can and we shall, as we have done in the past, untold numbers of souls to find peace of mind, to find a tranquility in a disturbed world, if we can comfort those who mourn, if we can help those who are sick in mind and in body, if we can give them that faith and that knowledge and that truth that we have - if they can accept it - if only in part, truly we have achieved much. Truly, my friends, we are blessed in our endeavours. Truly indeed, are we guided and inspired by greater souls.


We are but the mouthpiece of others, far removed from Earth. Great souls who come to inspire, to give their love and their power, to help us to do this work together. I am but one of many souls who am used by others to do this work. I am but the mouthpiece of greater peoples, greater souls, greater individuals who have progressed far beyond the confines of Earth, but whose message of hope, whose message of love, whose power of truth is such, that eventually, it shall bring a peace to the hearts of men - a peace that passeth all understanding.


It is a great joy to be with you and to work with you. Go forward in strength and know that all is well.



May we have your name friend please, [after] that wonderful talk?



You may call me Bernard.



Oh. Bernard, yes.



Father Bernard.






Bless you my children.



Can you tell us something about yourself when on Earth? If there... can you hold on?



Another time, another time.



Oh, thank you so much.



Bless you. Farewell.



Bye-bye. Thank you very much.



Thank you very much.






Goodbye Mickey.



Goodbye Mickey...


This transcript was created for the Trust by K.Jackson-Barnes on June 19th 2020

The original analogue recording was digitised by Jack Terrence Andrews on November 12th 2004

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