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Image: detail from a painting by Richard Edward Miller

Ada Hignett communicates...

Recording date unknown

When Ada Hignett realises that George Woods, Betty Greene & Leslie Flint won’t be singing any traditional songs during the séance,

Ada begins to sing a hymn for herself.

Although she has clear difficulties in communicating at first,

and can only seem to speak in a loud whisper,

Ada goes on to describe what happened to her immediately after dying…

She recalls that she died in her sleep, but was unable to touch anything
at first, and thought she must have had a stroke.

Ada explains that she was unable to pick up the kitchen kettle
to make herself some tea, she walked through a door instead of opening it… and when her sister couldn’t hear her voice,
Ada thought she must be in a dream and would soon wake up.

It was only after Ada saw her own lifeless body in her room
that she realised she was ‘dead’.

Then her own mother appeared, in a beautiful light,

and she took Ada by the hand to be reunited with her father

and other family members who had passed away years earlier.

Ada even attends her own funeral and seemed very impressed with it!

George and Betty seem to struggle to hear Ada throughout this recording,

and towards the end, their spirit friends, Mickey, Dr Marshall and a Scottish lady named Jenny, speak briefly to give them encouragement.

Finally, a regular communicator named David
talks with them for the last few minutes.

This 28-minute extract is introduced by Jim Ellis.

“I felt so light-headed, as if nothing was real...”

Note: This recording has been edited, enhanced & reconstructed from a degraded original.

A full transcript will be added soon...

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