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Life After Death: A Daily Sketch Investigation

In the late 1950s the UK newspaper The Daily Sketch
invited their readers to send in their own experiences of
Astral Projection,
Near Death Experiences
and Spirit Communication.

Their request was so successful that journalist
Neville Randall was asked to take the project a stage further.

Randall conducted a detailed inquiry in collaboration with
The Churches Fellowship for Psychical Studies
and interviewed leading clerics and thinkers of the day, including;
Dr Mervyn Stockwood,
Dr Robert Crookall,
Reverend John Pearce-Higgins,
Reverend Bertram Woods,
Dr Leslie Weatherhead.
The Daily Sketch published the results in their booklet 'Life After Death'.
The extract below shows Randall's research
into the Direct Voice Mediumship of Leslie Flint
- which so
intrigued Randall that he later published his own investigations
in his best selling book Life After Death (Robert Hale: 1975)

"We believe we are on the verge of discoveries
which will convince the most hard-headed sceptic"