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Stephen Thomas Ward
October 1912 - August 1963

The Stephen Ward séances

Dr Stephen Ward was the son of a Canon of the Church of England.

He became a well-known osteopath and portrait artist,
whose clients included politicians, royalty and movie actors.

In 1963, events surrounding his friendship with Christine Keeler
meant Dr Ward was arrested by the police.

The trial that followed made headline news worldwide,
but Dr Ward didn't live to see the verdict. 

In despair, he took an overdose of sleeping tablets
and died on August 3rd 1963.

After his death, his first séance communication came
 on August 29th 1963.

Dr Ward continued to communicate for the next ten years.

The first recording contains an introduction by Gwen Vaughan, 
one of the original Co-founders fo the Leslie Flint Educational Trust

Recorded: August 29th 1963


Recorded: September 2nd 1963


A full transcript of this recording will be uploaded soon...

Additional recordings will be added soon...