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The Rose Hawkins séances

1953 - 1976

In life Rose Hawkins was a London flower seller, who had her 'pitch'
outside Charing Cross station. She was first recorded communicating in 1953
and later became instrumental during the
recording work of
George Woods and Betty Greene.

Rose describes her life and activities in the Spirit World in simple detail,
from her appearance, to the type of home she inhabits,
her hobbies and love of the garden, to the animals she sees around her.

Rose's depiction of life in the Spirit World became the benchmark for other communications and was f
eatured in Neville Randall's book 'Life After Death'.


New Transcript

November 12th 1953

During this early experimental recording made in 1953, various spirit voices were recorded.

In this short extract, Mickey speaks briefly to a sitter named Rose Creet,
then Rose Hawkins communicates...


New Transcript

September 9th 1963

Betty Greene recognises the familiar Spirit voice of Rose Hawkins, who speaks in detail about her life 

and her relaxed existence in the Spirit World, during this full séance recording from 1963...


September 4th 1965

In this second full séance recording,
Rose returns to communicate with Betty Greene and George Woods
and explains how she has progressed in the Spirit World...


Sunday, April 25th 1976

After more than ten years absence,
the sitters are pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar voice of Rose once again.

In this extract from a longer group sitting,
she talks quite naturally with Louise and Ida Cook, June Bronhill, Bram Rogers and others,
about her life on Earth and her observations on how London has changed over the years.
Rose also explains that Mrs Betty Greene has 'settled down' after her arrival in the next world.