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Frédéric Chopin
February/March 1810 - October 1849


The Frédéric Chopin séances

Frédéric François Chopin became a regular communicator
at the Leslie Flint

He was first recorded speaking in a test seance in 1953,
this led to many more communications over the next 30 years.

He was particularly keen to converse with a sitter named Rose Creet, who he affectionately calls 'Rosa.'

Chopin discusses many subjects in these many recordings

- including his music, his death, his associations in life,
his recollections of earlier lifetimes and his understanding of the continuation of life in the next world.


Recorded: 1953


Note: This short audio is an extract from a longer recording, first published in 1995

Recorded: February 19th 1954


Note: This short audio is an extract from a longer recording, first published in 1995

Recorded: July 7th 1955

Frédéric talks about contemporary books about his life,
about those who play his music and his friendship with Felix Mendelssohn.


Recorded: March 26th 1956

Frédéric explains that Spirits can assume many different forms

and mentions a psychic experiment

at Valldemossa monastery.


Recorded: May 7th 1956

Frédéric talks about those who write about him
and discusses the limitations of the piano.

He also explains that although he lives alone in the Afterlife,
he is mentally linked with many people.


Recorded: November 26th 1956

Frédéric talks about the development of his musical talent
and of his recollections from earlier lifetimes.


Recorded: December 19th 1959

Frédéric shares memories of his own death
and his
 first impressions of the Afterlife.

He talks about his interest in reincarnation,
the importance of the piano in his work.


Recorded: December 17th 1962

Frédéric speaks of how the Spirit animates the body,
the power behind artistic expression
and responds to questions about his previous lifetimes.



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