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The Leslie F​lint​ Tr​ust

Promoting the legacy and archive of Independent Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint

John Douglas Conacher

1877- 1958

Douglas Conacher communicates

Recorded: 1959 - 1965

During his lifetime Douglas Conacher was a successful publisher

and a religious man, who held very definite views on life after death.

After his death in 1958,

Douglas returned to communicate with his wife Eira,

at many Leslie Flint séances.

In these recorded sessions Douglas shares with his wife

all he has learned in the next world

and together they discuss his new understanding of life and death,

of religion and the mechanics of spirit communication.

Douglas also talks about various friends he has made in the spirit world,

and reveals details of previous lifetimes he and Eira have shared together...

Mrs Eira Conacher before a sitting with Leslie Flint

Recorded: October 16th 1959

This is the first recording of a communication
between Douglas and his wife Eira.

Together they discuss his new perspective on life,

meeting old friends in the spirit world,

and the couple share their feelings for each other.

Recorded: February 25th 1960

Note: This enhanced recording has been enhanced from a degraded original.

Recorded: March 6th 1961

Note: This vintage recording has been enhanced for clarity.

Recorded: January 24th 1962

Note: This vintage recording has been enhanced for clarity.

Recorded: February 6th 1962

Douglas talks with his wife about the work of spirit guides

and how conditions in the spirit world can vary for both children and adults.

He tells Eira about the infinite possibilities we can experience

as we move further away from material conditions

and he refers to spirit communication in the distant past.

Douglas also explains the spiritual responsibility of raising children

and the meaning of marriage in the spirit world.

Recorded: February 20th 1962

Note: This vintage recording has been enhanced for clarity.

Recorded: August 4th 1965

Douglas describes the peace he has found since his death

and the opportunity he now has to continue learning.

He responds to his wife's questions about their previous lives together on Earth

and explains that it is often necessary for human beings to reincarnate.

They also discuss his hope that more of their conversations

might be published one day.