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Professor Charles Robert Richet 
August 1850 - December 1935

The Charles Richet séance

Recorded: August 12th 1968

Professor Charles Richet was a French physiologist and pioneer
in the study of allergic reactions and immunity.
He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1913 for his work on anaphylaxis. 

Richet was also a pioneering aviator, novelist and playwright
who studied philosophy and parapsychology.

He studied paranormal abilities and physical mediumship

for many years and in 1894 Richet devised the term ‘ectoplasm’

~ the substance created in the séance room by the spirit world.

Richet communicates here to discuss the ectoplasmic voice-box
and how his knowledge of the afterlife helped him after death...

Note: This enhanced audio is over 50 years old and is not to modern standards.


Present: Betty Greene, George Woods, Leslie Flint.
 Communicators: Ahmed, Mickey, Charles Richet.

A full transcript will be added shortly...