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The Alfred Frost séance

Recorded: 1968

My daughter picked some roses

and put them on my coffin.”

Alfred Frost 
shares details of his life - and his death - and describes

how he was first greeted by his wife, who had died previously.

Alfred recalls a series of afterlife articles by Reverend George Vale Owen,

but thinks people have almost no knowledge of the subject.

He remembers his daughter placing roses on his coffin,

but no matter what he did, she could not see or hear him at all.

He even struggled to get through to a medium at first!

Alfred describes his spirit life, in a community of like-minded souls, with parks and fountains and where children play 
and he continues his love of carving and furniture-making.

He says the spirit world is a solid and real place, where building and design is possible,
but not through the means of business or factory production.

Alfred explains how some souls can stay so close to the Earth, they can sometimes be seen as Earthbound,

causing a situation that we would describe as a haunting.

Then he suggests that the world will face difficulties, if we don’t begin to consider the spiritual aspect of life…

Note: Some slight interference with the microphone can be heard at the start of this vintage recording.


A full transcript will be added soon...


This audio was originally digitised by Flint Trust volunteer Jack Terrence Andrews on December 16th 2004.