The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

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Introductory recordings by Leslie Flint, Betty Greene, Ursula Reeg and Larry Taylor


Independent Direct Voice Medium Leslie Flint, talks on the topics of Mediumship, Spiritualism and Religion...

Recorded on August 6th 1987,
seven years before his passing in 1994.

Betty Greene and George Woods recorded the
Spirit communications of Leslie Flint, for over 20 years.

Here, Betty Greene introduces the recordings...


Leslie Flint's friend Ursula Reeg,
gives a recent interview to Brian Hurst, of ESP Radio,
about Leslie and his Mediumship...

Interview with original Founding Director
of the Leslie Flint Educational Trust,
Reverend Larry Taylor...
A selection of recordings, from the many thousands of hours of recorded sittings,

with Independent Direct Voice Medium, Leslie Flint...

(Many of these newly digitised recordings have been created for the Trust by Jack Terrence Andrews)

Recorded on October 21st 1987
Recorded on November 12th 1953
Recorded on October 1st 1985
Leslie Flint's Spirit helper Mickey,
gives a long, wonderful talk about

spiritual realization and material life.
Various Spirit speakers, including Mickey, Dr. Marshall, Rose Hawkins, John Marsden, Rose De Crespigny, George, Frédéric Chopin and White Wing speak, in this first historic and experimental sitting, recorded in 1953.
Please note: this early audio was rescued from a vintage 'reel to reel' tape and is running a little faster than normal speech. 
Mickey discusses how one sitter is doing healing and suggests he has psychic powers. He then tells the group, "there is a young man here who died tragically...suicide..."

Recorded on January 8th 1966

Recorded on October 17th 1955

Recorded in 1963

Leslie Flint can be heard speaking briefly with his Spirit helper Mickey and sitter, Gwen Vaughn. Then Mickey steps back to allow Rudolph Valentino to speak...
Classical composer, Frédéric Chopin speaks about the end of his Earth life, the moment of his passing and how he was greeted in the afterlife, by music.

Jeremiah, a soldier from the time of Cromwell who was killed in battle, describes his death and shares his views of the futility of war...

Recorded on January 30th 1967

Bobby Tracy talks about how he died after a car 'smash', about his life in the Spirit World and what he learns and his "very nice garden". He gives a lot of information, including the name of the town he lived in...

Recorded on March 3rd 1971

Mickey brings Annie Nanji though to speak to her bereaved husband, Dr Nanji. Annie has not been in the Spirit World for very long, but returns to speak with her husband in her original Earth accent.

Recorded on April 26th 1971

Jenny Wilson is a working class woman from Victorian England, who died in childbirth with her baby. She returns to describe her life on Earth and her arrival in the Spirit World...

Recorded in 1962

Recorded in 1970

Recorded on December 19th 1959

Playwright Oscar Wilde speaks, somewhat hesitantly at first, but in his own acerbic style, on his work, his personality and his life in the Spirit World...
Pioneering British pilot, Amy Johnson speaks, with some difficulty at first, but then more clearly, about her interest in aviation and her current existence in the Next World...
Frédéric Chopin speaks of his amazement at modern recording equipment. He talks of his death and describes his arrival in the Spirit World, where he met old friends and loved ones...

Recorded in 1965

Recorded in 1966

After Mickey's introduction, Mr Ralph Thomas - an 18th century English architect - discusses his work and compares conditions from his own time to those of today. He explains that, in the Spirit World, he still designs objects of architectural beauty...

Recorded on January 20th 1969

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