The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

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The Leslie Flint Séance Recordings Archive

For over 60 years Mr Leslie Flint worked as a Medium.

As his Mediumship developed, he began working as an Independent Spirit Voice Medium
- or Independent Direct Voice Medium.

This faculty allowed people from the Spirit World to communicate in a 'living voice' of their own
totally independent of Flint himself.

In 1945 Leslie Flint met Mr George Woods and it was the start of a friendship that would last for over 40 years.

In 1953 Woods took Mrs Betty Greene to meet Flint for the first time -
and between them, they decided to start recording these Spirit voice communications for the benefit of others.

Over the next 30 years Mr Woods and Mrs Greene worked with Flint to record over 500 tapes of Spirit voices,
creating a whole library of recordings.

George Woods

Betty Greene

Working together...


Those first recordings were made on a bulky 1950s 'reel to reel' sound recorder
and by the early 1970s, a more professional upright recorder was used, for clearer recordings.

After Mr Woods and Mrs Greene had both passed away - Flint continued with his work
and recordings were made on cassette tapes, until just before Flint's death in 1994.

The Leslie Flint Educational Trust have thousands of these recordings collected over almost 60 years.

They represent the greater portion of the lifetime's work of Leslie Flint.

 Larry Taylor created the first website for the Leslie Flint Educational Trust in the mid-1990s
to share digitised versions of many of the original recordings.

The work continues with this new website, as many of those original recordings are enhanced and uploaded
and previously unpublished recordings are digitised and added to the archive.

ntroduction to the Recordings

by Betty Greene



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he Archive

Below is a selection of the hundreds of seance recordings in The Leslie Flint Educational Trust archive.

To listen to any recording, JUST CLICK THE IMAGE or TEXT to be taken to the appropriate section.


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