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Mickey séance

Recorded: April 26th 1982

“It’s so more important for Spiritualists to realise

that there’s far more to our work

than the producing of personal messages…”

Mickey explains that he has two groups of souls who wish to communicate and he describes the technical difficulties he faces in trying to blend the two separate groups,
so they may communicate effectively with the sitters present…

One group are the family, friends and loved ones of the sitters -
the other is a group of souls who have been in spirit for thousands of years
and inhabit a different realm entirely…

He explains that he wants to help everybody,
but can only do so with absolute co-operation from all sides…

"We should try to break free from material thoughts and desires

and realise the power of the spirit within…"

PLAY                                                                      VOLUME

“You are living in the shadows.

We are trying to bring you the light - the illumination of the mind and of the Spirit !”

Below is a transcript of part of Mickey's
talk, during this important séance communication...

Present: Leslie Flint, Bram Rogers, D. Sassoon, Rosalind Cattanach,
Hilda Lilley, Rosemary Caplin, Mel Griffin and Jean Barrett.

Mickey, Unknown speaker.

"Each one of you are here for a purpose…fundamentally you’re here for spiritual upliftment…but the deep inner feelings that people must have…is the desire for a personal contact, with someone [in the Spirit World] who has meant life itself to you…

All the fifty-odd years that I’ve worked with old Flint, it’s been my job to give you evidence and to help you - which it’s been marvellous and I’m glad I did it - but he’s not getting any younger (in fact he’s getting antique !)

I’d like to feel that for the next few years that are left, our work can be on the level which we feel is necessary for the mass of humanity.

These recordings can be made, they can be utilised and played, giving people the opportunity to receive something of real value. We would like to use Flint's Mediumship on the level which we feel is necessary and which we feel justified in being able to do.
After having done around fifty years of service on a certain level, now we’d like to wind-up our work with something of the mental and the spiritual nature, which will comfort all humanity.

We don’t want to form an organisation, we don’t want to form a religious group. We don’t want to place an individual in a superior position - any group that claims superiority or says they are right and others are wrong, there’s something radically wrong - either with the exponent or the head of the organisation...

We are universally seeking for God’s ‘children’ to come together in true harmony, in true peace and love, that they may see they are all part of the Divine plan and all part of the same Spirit.

We want to break down barriers, we want to work together. We are so anxious to find channels. We had to develop this Medium (Flint) years ago, so that he might be used in the capacity to help others - and in that sense I think we have done a good job. But we have never felt that we have achieved what we might have done, because to some extent, we’ve had to bow down to the will and the demands of people - mostly on your side, rather than ours... "

“We want to show you the reality of the Spirit,

we want to demonstrate to you the reality of the Spirit...

This is our task, this is our work…”