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The Mickey séances

1934 - 1994

Mickey was Leslie Flint's constant Spirit companion for over 60 years of séances.

He was there to introduce other Spirit communicators,
raise the vibrations if required
and share his knowledge of life in the Spirit World.

He can be heard on most of the Flint séance recordings
in his role as 'master of ceremonies' during each sitting.


Mickey séance excerpt

Recorded: April 28th 1934

< This is perhaps the earliest Leslie Flint seance on record >

Recorded in London in 1934, this rare audio contains 
the voice of Flint's young Spirit helper Mickey,

who by this point had been with him for less than ten years.

The first speaker in this short excerpt is a Spirit wife talking to her husband,
then Mickey speaks, in an early high-pitched version of his well-known voice. 

We then hear the unsuccessful attempt to communicate by an unknown Spirit,
who is replaced by an early regular communicator named Jim, 
followed by the brief appearance of a Spirit child called Jimmy...


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Mickey séance

Recorded: 1966

“…some people are scared stiff of dying…

I think it’s all those horror films you have.

It gives people the wrong idea.”

In this vintage audio from 1966,
Leslie Flint's main Spirit helper Mickey does all the talking...

He discusses how many people are so frightened of dying,
yet, he says, it is a 'wonderful, exciting business'....

He explains that Spirits are real people
who do not sit around heaven singing hymns all day,
because that would be 'boring' !

He also mentions his parents and another communicator named Mike Fearon...

NB: This audio is reconstructed from a forty year old recording and although it has been enhanced, it is not to modern standards.

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Mickey séance

Recorded: September 7th 1972

Mickey chats quite naturally with the assembled sitters - and even sings for them.

In his inimitable style, Mickey answers questions as they are put to him
and b
rings his own humour and sense of fun to the proceedings.

Later on, he leaves and music is played and we learn
the patience of the sitters is an integral part of any seance...



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Mickey séance

Recorded: April 26th 1982

“It’s so more important for Spiritualists to realise

that there’s far more to our work

than the producing of personal messages…”

Mickey explains that he has two groups of souls who wish to communicate
and he describes the technical difficulties he faces in trying to blend the two separate groups,

so they may communicate effectively with the sitters present…

One group are the family, friends and loved ones of the sitters -
the other is a group of souls who have been in spirit for thousands of years
and inhabit a different realm entirely…

He explains that he wants to help everybody,
but can only do so with absolute co-operation from all sides…


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More séance recordings from Mickey will be added soon...