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The Frédéric Chopin séances

Frédéric François Chopin became a regular communicator
at the Leslie Flint

He first spoke in a test seance recorded in 1953,
this led to many more communications over the next 30 years.

He was particularly keen to converse with a sitter named Rose Creet, who he affectionately calls 'Rosa.'

Chopin discusses many subjects in this time;
including his music and his associations in life,
his recollections of earlier lifetimes and his understanding of the continuation of life in the next world.


Communication Recorded:

December 17th 1962

Chopin discusses 'group souls' and explains how Leslie Flint and Rudolph Valentino had close connections in an earlier existence...

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Communication Recorded:

November 26th 1956

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There are many more Chopin séance recordings, all of which will gradually be added to the site.