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The Annie Nanji séances

Recorded: 1970-1972

Between 1970 and 1984,
retired doctor of chemistry,
Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji of Birmingham University

visited London twice a year from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden,
for private sittings with Leslie Flint

Almost every sitting was a success
and he was fortunate to have many direct communications
with his 
wife Annie Ottilia Nanji, who had died in 1966.

Here are some of the remarkably clear,
and sometimes very personal recordings,
from those years...

ecorded: October 22nd 1970

Leslie Flint encourages Dr Nanji when he thinks he hears a whispering spirit voice
and an excited and emotional Annie begins to communicate with her husband for the very first time. 

She expresses her love for him and reassures him they are 'together a lot' and 'never separated'.

They discuss the spirit portraits, created by Coral Polge, of their two children who died and of Annie herself,
and they talk about Dino's links with India.

Mickey returns and tells Dino that Annie wants him to know that
'her love will always surmount all difficulties and that the time will come when you will be together'.
He concludes by saying, 'Nothing could ever come between you and she'.


Recorded: October 23rd 1970


Recorded: April 28th 1971


Recorded: April 30th 1971


Recorded: May 3rd 1971

Mickey explains why he enjoys the conversations between Dino and Annie. 

Annie refers to an unidentified item that Dino has returned to Harrods Department Store in London, but tells him that material things are not as important as the love they share. 

Annie suggests that Dino should try to capture her voice on a home tape recorder,
then urges him to connect with a friend whose husband has passed, so he can reassure her that life continues. 

Finally, Annie expresses her love for Dino and tells him that 'together they will always be'.


Recorded: July 20th 1971

A varied recording, where other communicators try to speak.

Annie suggests that Dino starts a Spiritualist group in Sweden. Dino talks about visiting Annie's family
and his plan to pay for the maintenance of their grave after his death.



Recorded: October 6th 1971

Annie talks of the possibility of spirit communication at home by impressing sound onto tape - without a microphone.

Dino and Annie remember the romantic times they shared; watching the swans in Hyde Park and visiting public gardens.

Dino insists that he still cannot part with Annie’s things and Annie suggests he finds a medium in Sweden.



Recorded: May 3rd 1972


Note: This audio is from a copied recording. It has been enhanced, but is not to modern standards.
With grateful thanks to Tom Kerr.


Recorded: May 5th 1972

Mickey talks with Dino at first, then Annie takes over to talk with her husband.
They discuss his travel plans and remember their happy times together on Earth.

Annie then discusses different previous lives they shared together

- including a link with the Borgia family of Italy during the 15th century.

Annie asks when will her husband retire and he mentions the help he receives from healer Ted Fricker.

Then they discuss the vast libraries available in the Spirit World and Annie's progress there.


Note: This enhanced audio is a composite from various copies and is not to modern standards.
With grateful thanks to Tom Kerr.


Recorded: May 6th 1972

Mickey says there are many others who would like to communicate, but Dino only wants to speak to his wife Annie.

Annie comes through and speaks about the mental health of some who arrive in the Spirit World
and the effect that negativity can have on the mind, the body, the animal kingdom and on the Earth itself.
She suggests that people like Adolf Hitler should have been removed, like one would remove a cancer.

Annie explains how she wants to share her experience with Dino to try and help him and others who may listen later.
Then Annie tells Dino that advanced souls are neither male nor female
and that some people on Earth can be something in between.


Note: This audio has been enhanced from a recorded copy and is not to modern standards.


Recorded: May 8th 1972


Note: This audio is from a copied recording. It has been enhanced, but is not to modern standards.
With grateful thanks to Tom Kerr.


Recorded: July 13th 1972


Note: This audio has been enhanced from a poor copy and is not to modern standards.

Recorded: July 18th 1972


Recorded: July 19th 1972


Recorded: July 20th 1972


Recorded: July 24th 1972