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The Annie Nanji séances

Recordings 1-10

etween 1970 and 1983, a retired doctor of chemistry, Dr Dinshaw R. Nanji
of Birmingham University, visited Leslie Flint twice a year for private sittings
travelling from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Each time, he was fortunate to be able to communicate directly with his wife
nnie Ottilia Nanji, who had died in 1966.

Here are some of the remarkably clear, and sometimes personal recordings, from those years...
Communication 1

ecorded: October 22nd 1970

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME

Communication 2

Recorded: October 23rd 1970

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME

Communication 3

Recorded: April 28th 1971

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME


Communication 4

Recorded: April 30th 1971

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME


Communication 5

Recorded: May 3rd 1971

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME


Communication 6

Recorded: July 20th 1971

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME


Communication 7

Recorded: July 18th 1972

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME


Communication 8

Recorded: July 19th 1972

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME

Communication 9

Recorded: July 20th 1972

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME

Communication 10

Recorded: July 24th 1972

PLAY                                                                    VOLUME